Blood of the Innocent

Published: 11/13/2015

ISBN Digital: 9781509204090
ISBN Print: 9781509204083
Page Count: 202
Word Count: 48700
Rating: Spicy

The Lobster Cove Series

Veronica Teal is no ordinary biochemist; she’s a vampire. When she’s summoned to a human murder scene at the request of the local coroner, she expects to do her job. Then she discovers the killer is a vampire and the victim’s brother wants her help. Worse, she finds herself attracted to the handsome human male, despite her reluctance to get involved.

Joe Sullivan leaves his teaching job in Tennessee for Lobster Cove because his twin is in danger. He’s devastated to see Justin dead on a rocky shore. Desperate for answers, he turns to Veronica and finds himself curiously drawn to the lovely biochemist in more ways than one.

Together Veronica and Joe seek answers behind Justin’s mysterious murder and learn there are deeper secrets. Can they uncover the core of the conspiracy and find their own way to each other’s hearts? Or will their differences keep them apart?


Veronica plopped two full cups onto the coffee table. “That was rather insulting.”

Joe looked at the gorgeous woman standing in front of him, fists on her hips, eyes flashing in anger. “Well, stop listening to my thoughts and you won’t be insulted.”

“I didn’t—” She closed her eyes for a moment, then dropped onto the couch beside him. “This isn’t possible.”

“Don’t like this connecting with a human thing?”

“It shouldn’t be happening—and not just because you’re human.”

He picked up his coffee and took a sip, and she cringed.

“I’m sorry. I was coming out here to ask what you take in your coffee.”

“I prefer black.” He couldn’t resist reaching out to touch the silky blonde hair that flowed down her back all the way to her perfectly shaped ass. He could get lost just looking at her. What would it be like to hold her close, to kiss her until she melted in his arms? To touch her, taste her, feel her beneath him?

She shot to her feet and backed away from him. “What are you thinking?”

He shrugged. “I’m thinking about the beautiful woman beside me.”

Her hand was trembling as she put it over her heart. “But I’m vampire and you’re—”

“A man.” He rose to his feet and went to her. Her gorgeous sea green eyes widened, but she stood waiting for him.

He slid one hand under her hair, the other around her waist, then nudged her toward him. Sure she’d resist, he was shocked when she leaned against him.

His lips touched her warm, firm, perfect mouth, and he heard himself groan. Then her arms wrapped around his neck, and a soft sigh shot heat straight to his loins.

She leaned into him, and her soft curves fit against him in all the right places. His body hardened, while his thinking processes blurred. He had to have this woman. he had to be inside her. He needed her as much as he needed his next breath.

All at once an image of Justin lying cold and dead on the rocky shoreline rushed into his mind. He shoved Veronica away.


“Sorry,” he muttered as he all but ran for the door and down the stairs. He didn’t stop until he couldn’t breathe anymore and was forced to lean against a tree and allow oxygen back into his lungs. “What the hell is wrong with me?”

A passer-by gave him a wary look, turned, and dashed across the street.

He ignored the guy and went back to berating himself. His brother was in the morgue and he was getting it on with some kind of creature that looked, felt, and tasted like a human woman, but wasn’t. Hell, she might have orchestrated that whole seduction scene to keep him from doing what he’d intended to do—try to get info from her.

He had no idea just what these vampire beings were capable of, and he’d be smart to be wary of all of them. If he could figure out who was what.

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