Published: 02/24/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509205837
ISBN Print: 9781509205820
Page Count: 276
Word Count: 74110
Rating: Spicy

After the mysterious death of her boyfriend, Abby Cox swore off men. She’s held true to that promise for the past eight years, but then, Nik happened. A stranger in the right place, at the right time, he not only rescues Abby from a destructive tornado, but also stokes her long-buried desires. For Nik’s safety, she can never act on those feelings.
Pieces of a peculiar puzzle start falling into place, throwing Abby’s entire life into an upheaval, thrusting her into a world she never knew existed. Nik is a Storm Thief, and what’s more, she is a Sky Sorcerer. This explains her ability to alter the weather, and even the strange lattice work of scars that tattoo her skin.

With the God of the Underworld wanting her dead, Abby must battle for her life.


“We both have shadows within us that we wish to keep away from the light.”

“Abby,” he murmurs. “I want to taste your sweet kisses. I want to have comfortable silences and deep conversations with you.” The corners of his lips curl into a smile. “Tell me you still want the same.”

My heart swells as he recites the very words I used to define love. God, I love this man.

“Only if you protect my heart, as I promise to protect yours.” I smile up at him, knowing he recalls the conversation we shared all those weeks ago.

He grins and his dimples deepen in his cheeks. He’s going to kiss me. I just know it. My body buzzes as sirens sound off in my head. I can’t allow the kiss to happen, though I desperately want it to.

“Nik,” I start, casting my eyes to the creamy column of his neck. I can see his pulse throb against the hollow of his throat. “We can’t—”

He dips his head and crushes his lips to mine before I can finish. My eyes grow wide, and I grab his shoulders, trying desperately to push him away. His hands are still on my face, his long fingers reaching behind my ears, touching the vine of Marks that coil behind my ear. They respond eagerly to the touch, flaring with a warmth that arrows straight to my core.

I gasp beneath his expert lips, and his tongue slips past my teeth. He explores the depths of my mouth, and it sends a shiver down my spine. I lean my trembling body against him, relishing the way I fit perfectly against his firm frame. The kiss is desperate, passionate, tender, and absolutely all consuming.

His strong hands refuse to let me go, his palms hot on my already flushed skin. I synchronize my lips to his movement, and our kiss deepens until I feel as though I’m going to burst into a quivering pool of nerves. His body reacts to our kiss as well, sending me into a frenzy of wild, squirming desire. God, this feels so good.

My insides erupt into a lightning storm. Spangles of rippling currents flow through my veins. No! I try to pull away before it reaches my lips. But I’m too late. It tingles as it passes through our kiss. Nik trembles from the raw power. No! Please god no.

Nik breaks our kiss, and when he lifts his face, his eyes blaze with something unnatural, and I know it’s my electricity coursing through him. I killed him…

He stares, deadpan into my eyes and declares solemnly, “I’ve been struck.”

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