The Wives of Lucifer

Published: 04/06/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509206704
ISBN Print: 9781509206698
Page Count: 332
Word Count: 79495
Rating: Spicy

Olivia loves her new immortal life, her friends and especially Drew; she never thought she’d fall in love on the other side of death. But when Olivia learns she bears the mark of Lucifer and has powers that tie her to the Underworld, she worries that perhaps she’s done terrible things in her past lives and dark secrets are being kept from her. And those damn wives, what do they want from her? Olivia endures unspeakable tragedy in The Wives of Lucifer and when she discovers what fate has in store for her...she suddenly understands that being immortal doesn’t guarantee you’ll live forever.


I threw myself back onto the bed of fog to regroup. God, how I hated the dank, dreary Astral Plane, the land of perennial twilight. It always seemed like the sun was just about to rise or set, but nothing ever actually happened. The first time I’d arrived it took a while to figure out the terrain. Most of the newly dead appeared distorted and gray, as if merely extensions of the mist. After I’d been here a few times, I understood no one had control over what came next. We could only linger until The Powers That Be got around to assigning our next placement.

Throngs of ghosts wandered aimlessly, people trapped in their death attire. Blood and gore soiled their shirts, pants, and dresses. Contusions marred their faces and limbs, and some were missing entire appendages. Good thing we could float. Of course, as I’d learned during a previous time here, these injuries were just leftover memories and eventually the ghoulish aspects faded, and everyone appeared more like their old selves. The longer one stayed the more normal they looked, more solid. Usually.

People spoke in the faintest whispers. Mostly, the sounds of sorrow and unrest came. Whimpering, theatrical sighs, sobbing. Many had waited years to obtain a new life with no end in sight. Once, I’d tarried more than a century to be reborn. Although I do recall working in some type of garden during that time. However…I couldn’t imagine where.

Exhaustion weighed me down, and I closed my eyes. The swirling fog wrapped me in the chilly swath of death. The melancholy didn’t feel as bad this time, which made me wonder if I’d finally gotten accustomed to this whole death and rebirth cycle. Nah, I decided. It still sucked.

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