Of Ghosts and Geeks

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-601-7
Page Count: 103
Word Count: 25020
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

(MSRP: 3.7500)

Gwen Walberg, literature teacher and self-professed geek, is thrilled to acquire a priceless antique book but soon learns why it came so cheap. The book contains the ghost of Violetta, its former owner, who spices up her boring afterlife by playing matchmaker. Gwen is her new target—and if she won't cooperate, Violetta is prepared to throw a storm of dangerous tantrums. Rather than give up the treasured book, Gwen reluctantly surrenders, and learns Violetta has already chosen the man for her: Gwen's gorgeous gardener and friend, Paul Chang.

Paul is stunned that a ghost wants to cast him as a romance hero but intrigued enough to cooperate. Step by awkward step, Paul and Gwen allow their weird voyeur to force them into compromising positions. But what if the unlikely couple starts enjoying their bizarre, steamy situation? Can they ever cultivate a healthy relationship with an unstable ghost tagging along?

Romantic Comedy
Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 103
Word Count: 25020


Paul embraced her, encasing her between the cool painted wall and his warm arms. Gwen tipped her head back and focused on his eyes, doing her best to ignore the transparent nineteenth-century girl in the background.

Enjoy it. Put on a show. She’ll leave faster. Here goes...

“Kiss me?” Gwen murmured, tilting her face in invitation.

Paul, who had taken on a pensive look, leaned forward and caught her mouth in a kiss.

Gwen closed her eyes and curled her arms around his back. Their naked skin slid together, water and sweat adding a pleasant stickiness. The sensation made Gwen’s pretending easier, and she found the boldness to moan an “Oh” between kisses.

The brief sound resulted in two gasps: one from Violetta, loud and enraptured, and the other from Paul, close and quiet and surprised. After a pause, he dove in again and resumed his kisses with twice the force. Gwen hung on tight and tumbled into the fantasy. She even coiled a leg around Paul’s, rather enjoying how his jeans grazed the soft skin behind her bare knee.

After a few minutes, Gwen judged Paul to be putting on an excellent show of enjoyment himself. She could have lifted her other foot from the floor and still not fallen down, so securely was he pinning her to the wall. As to other things she suspected feeling—well, gardeners had reasons for carrying tools in their pockets, so that was probably nothing.

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