Dead Fairies

ISBN Digital: 9781509203345
ISBN Print: 9781509203338
Page Count: 206
Word Count: 53975
Rating: Spicy

Ande Ryan Series, Book Two

A sadistic serial killer is staking fairies with iron and taking their wings. Ande Ryan is on the case as part of the Paranormal Investigation Unit. Being forced to work alongside her werewolf former lover, Cal, has made the case even more problematic. Now, she must deal with her difficult Fae half sister—who she didn’t know existed—as well as the possibility that she might have to keep the dark forces from taking over the world.

Can her special gifts of The Sight and the Titania amulet help her overcome her fear of failure in time to save mankind?


Turtle Creek Park was small, green, had a creek and bridge, complete with troll and winding paths. It was small, city block square and attracted dark creatures at night. Tall apartment buildings and hotels surrounded it. I remember hearing about it when the area was all urban renewal and upscale. That had changed. A rag-tag bag lady passed us, heading for the center of the park and the pavilion. Luckily, daylight savings time was in effect for another week so it was still light, at least for another hour.

We parked the truck and got out. I dragged Cal across the arched bridge. Halfway over something grabbed me by the ankle and yanked me through the railing and into the middle of the creek. I screamed. It felt like iron trying to crush my leg. I grabbed for the railings as I slipped through, scraping my arm and tearing my sleeve.

Cal hollered for me.

“What the hell’s bells?” I sputtered, spitting out water and sand. Shallow creek, hard landing, only had a bridge across it in order to be picturesque. I twisted my body to see what had my ankle in such a vise grip, grunting at the pain slicing through my foot. “Well wouldn’t you know it?” A tall, lanky brownish biped, covered with fur, gripped my foot with one hand, all three fingers.

Cal launched himself off the bridge and landed next to me. “What the hell is that, some kind of demon?” The thing growled and shook me like a toy, coming close to flinging me straight into the water again. The odor coming off him stung my eyes and nose.

“We should be so lucky,” I gasped. “It’s a troll, and a big one at that.”

The troll towered over Cal. I tried to pull some energy from a nearby ley line but the pain in my leg distracted me. I didn’t have enough latent power in my bracelets to work on the beast. If I was full-blood fae I wouldn’t have to rely on human witch magick so much, but thank the gods grandmother was an Irish witch and I inherited some of her tricks.

Cal looked at me like I was crazy. “A troll? That’s just a fairy tale.”

My ankle was going to break if we didn’t find a way to get him off me. “So the blast are fairies, witches, and the big bad wolf, but here I am. Can you distract him, get him to let go of the ankle so I can fight? Come on. I need help here.” Cal pulled out his gun, pointed it, and said, “Drop her or I’ll shoot.”

I screamed when it shook me again and pain shot up my leg. “Not working. No fear of guns. Try shooting him, maybe he’ll be startled enough to drop me. Most trolls stay away from humans, thank the gods. Something has this one agitated.”

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