When Highland Lightning Strikes

Published: 10/21/2015

ISBN Digital: 9781509203598
Page Count: 126
Word Count: 33155
Rating: Spicy

A Highland Talents Novella

A Man who would be Laird

Angus MacAnalen fully expects to succeed his dead brother as Laird. But on the day of the Clan Council’s vote, a new lass steals his breath and his heart, making him question the ambition that drives him. When he begins to suspect she has a hidden talent that could help his clan, he must overcome the painful disappointment of the past before it costs him the future he desires.

A Lass in Exile

Because of her strange ability, Shona’s village banished her to live with a distant uncle after her parents died. When she catches the eye of the prospective laird of her new home, she fears the clan’s scrutiny may cause her to be expelled again, or worse. But Angus seems determined to win her heart, and Shona can’t help wanting to give it to him, despite the risks.

A Love Lifted out of the Ruins

Broken promises and broken dreams litter their pasts, and their present. Can they build a future from the ruins?


“Angus,” he said. “My name is Angus.”

His voice stopped her from turning away from him. He sounded tired, perhaps even lonely. Or was her own sense of isolation reflecting onto him? Shona raised her gaze to his face. His dark eyes captured her, just as she’d feared they would.

“Angus,” she repeated softly.

His regard never left her face. Why did hearing his name from her lips mean so much to him? The moment she uttered it, his tension had evaporated.

She pulled away and moved around the table to take a seat on a low stool. She ate slowly, not speaking, waiting for him to say whatever he’d intended when he demanded she sit with him. He’d settled on the ground across from her and ate quickly, hungrily, which didn’t surprise her after the hard physical work he’d done that morning.

When the last of his bread had soaked up the last drop of broth, he set his bowl aside. “Tell me about yerself,” he urged. “Tell me about yer life before ye came here.”

Shona froze with a bit of bread halfway to her mouth. “Why do ye wish to ken?”

“Perhaps I enjoy the sound of yer voice,” he told her. “I’ve heard it so seldom.”

She ignored his flirtation and debated what to say. No one here knew her history, not even her uncle.

“There’s little enough to tell,” she replied, fighting to keep her voice even. Talking about this was harder than she’d imagined. “The lowlanders destroyed our village, much as they did here.” She paused and gathered a breath as grief threatened to swamp her yet again. The lowlanders had destroyed everything she knew. Everyone she loved. “My parents didna survive, and others in my village had their own families to care for, so they sent me here, to the only family I have left.”

Angus’s gaze roved over the village, his people scattered about, busy with their chores. After a moment, he told her, “I’m sorry about yer parents.”

She believed he was. He’d seen enough death and destruction in his own clan, his own family, to be able to understand her grief. That much of it, anyway. She’d never recover from being turned away by her village. They kenned what she could do. Her mother could not control her small daughter every moment, and so she’d been found out. She’d been tolerated, but upon her parents’ death, she learned how little grudging acceptance was worth.

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