Blood Royal

Published: 02/26/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509206070
ISBN Print: 9781509206070
Page Count: 330
Word Count: 82740
Rating: Sensual

Legacy of Albessind, Book One

Struggling artist Eva Milaras is in the midst of buying groceries when a bomb blast tears the store apart. A handsome man with mysterious powers saves her life and stuffs her into a limo without a steering wheel—while treating her like royalty. Caught in a deadly web of magic and murder, Eva faces an aristocratic destiny she didn’t know about and doesn't want. Now in a strange world she has to survive the deadly schemes of her new-found relatives as they maneuver for advantage in a murderous royal court.

Talak has loved Eva long before he saved her life, but that love is doomed. She must marry a man from a royal bloodline, and Talak is duty-bound to protect her until she marries—regardless of his torn heart. Together they battle intrigue and betrayal, only to discover they must choose between letting go of each other...or certain death for treason. A choice Eva refuses to make.


Eva shivered, as some force swirled around her. Everything beyond the circle seemed to ripple and warp, as though she viewed it through distorting Plexiglas.

The queen sat. “Begin,” she commanded.

The red-haired woman raised her hand. Fire sprang from it and arced its way to Eva. It seemed to hit her, but she felt nothing. Her dress rippled, but she remained untouched. The fire turned to a stream of what looked like small silver blades. Each one struck her body and shattered. Then, reaching from behind, a dark claw of oily-looking smoke tore at her chest, blunting and fading as it struck. Relief washed through her in a warm tide. They were trying to kill her, but she was still alive.

Eva noticed the crowd beyond the circle applauding as if they were watching circus performers. They seemed far more interested in what the assassins were doing than what effect they might be having on her. A soft push against her back made her turn to see the third assassin, mouth open wide in a grotesque snarl. Eva could feel pulsing not-quite-sound flowing around her, vibrating across the circle. Like a worm crawling across her skin, Eva felt a tickle of queasiness—then it was gone.

The referees descended to the floor, and the shimmering dome that had isolated Eva and the assassins melted away. For a moment the hall was absolutely silent.

Then the queen stood, and her silver voice filled the air. “Eva bryl Madris, daughter of Madris bryl Albaric, I welcome you to this court as a Peer of the Realm, and acknowledge your rightful place in the noble house of Clan Chthonlac.”

Applause burst from the crowd, and some kind of cheer that Eva didn’t understand went up all around her. She shivered, giddy and tingling with relief—and to her surprise, pride. Then Talak was at her side, murmuring in her ear. “Approach the throne again, and kneel as before. Wait for the queen’s command.”

Excitement surged through her like music as Eva set her eyes on the scarlet carpet at her feet. With the applause echoing around her she walked slowly to the foot of the dais and knelt. Eventually the queen’s jeweled slippers appeared in Eva’s field of vision and stopped in front of her. She felt a touch on her right shoulder.

“Rise, Daughter of the Realm, and welcome to Our Court. Rise.”

Eva stood, still looking down until the queen’s cool fingers lifted her chin. She stared into the face she had seen so often in her dreams, the strange, happy, merciless gaze of her ruler, who touched her cheek and smiled. “Welcome, child. Your new life begins. May it be long, and full of wise service to Our sovereign glory.” Everyone bowed as she turned and strode from the hall, disappearing through a door behind the throne.

Again Talak’s quiet voice guided her. “You will now have an audience with Clan Chthonlac’s Ambassador to the Throne. Go out the way we entered. I will be right behind you.”

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