Sleeping With Skeletons

ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-673-9
Page Count: 272
Word Count: 0
Rating: Spicy(PG13)
MSRP: 6.00

Former CIA operative Margaret Garrison is not the woman she appears to be when she arrives in rural Ireland, hoping to find a quiet respite from running for her life. The last thing she needs is to catch the eye of Aidan Grimes, the wildly popular Irish actor filming the movie Jane Eyre in Ballyrick.

Rumored to have broken a thousand hearts, Aidan is also a man of many surprises. The very secrecy that shrouds Margaret compels him to want to know more about her, which inadvertently alerts her enemies to her location and threatens not only Margaret’s life, but those of the people around her.

Between Aidan, his father, and a little girl desperately in need of a mother, Margaret discovers a life she has always dreamed of but never dared hoped for. But with the skeletons from her past drawing nearer each day, can love triumph over evil, or is it all just a myth?

(272 pages) Spicy


Aidan cast a withering glance at her over his pint. "You're an American."

She turned toward him but remained silent.

"Your politicians are all gits, damn stupid too."

The pub erupted in laughter. Apparently, everyone in the room was now listening to their local celebrity, and his sentiments were popular ones.

"Well, a lot of them are Irish." She didn't mention that she was Irish or that her mother was from here.

An uneasy silence settled over the room.

"Aye, those would be the clever ones. It was the other ones I was referring to."

She said nothing. Truth was, she agreed with him. Politicians were gits.

"Americans," he said contemptuously, "always sticking your noses into everyone else's business, using your military to push everyone around."

There were shouts of "Bloody well right!" and "Here! Here!" Toasts of agreement were raised all around the pub.

Margaret stood. A quiet beer was out of the question now. She took one last drink of her Guinness and turned to face him. "I understand you started your acting career in elementary school, Mr. Grimes. If I remember correctly, you were the south end of a northbound horse--seems an appropriate beginning for someone with your personality." She nodded at the bartender. "Good evening."

Margaret ignored the cold stares as she left the pub, but she could feel Aidan Grimes' gaze on her until she disappeared from view.

She had let her guard down. Why had she let him goad her like that? That was foolish. Well, there was one bright spot to the whole episode. No one would want to strike up a conversation with her now.

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