Blue Ice

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-632-1
Page Count: 128
Word Count: 33600
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

(MSRP: 4.0000)

Jewel of the Night

Reformed jewel thief Addison Hayes wants to make a fresh start. A new television series featuring rehabilitated thieves staging break-ins seems perfect. The only snag? Her handsome co-host Garrett Powell—his Texas drawl makes her body sing. But seven years behind bars taught her that romance and business don’t mix.

Garrett Powell only signed on for the TV show to satisfy a debt and get his life back on track. Fellow inmate Jimmy Patterson once saved his life and in repayment, Garrett agreed to secretly look out for Jimmy’s protégé, Addison. But Addison’s spunk and intelligence soon have Garrett wishing there could be more between them.

When a rare blue diamond necklace they stole for the show goes missing, Addison and Garrett have to join forces to clear their names. With gun-toting thugs and the law after them, can they find the jewel—and each other—before it’s too late?

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 128
Word Count: 33600


Body heat and the spicy scent of aftershave enveloped her. Her pulse revved like an engine on nitro. Garrett Powell. For a geeky security alarm system analyst with a short rap sheet, he was good. Damn good. She hadn’t heard him approach. Hadn’t even heard him while he looted the upstairs bedrooms. Was she getting soft?

“Are you done upstairs?”

“Yep. All set. You?”

“Only this closet left.” She dumped the contents of the box into her sack. “You find anything worth taking?”

“A couple of Louis Vuitton purses and a pair of Manolos. Excellent condition.” His southern accent gave the renowned brand names a comical twist.

She smiled, amused, an emotion she’d been short on lately. “Anything else?”

“Some electronics...two cell phones, a Blackberry, and an iPod. And a nice vintage coin collection.”

The Texan knew his hot commodities. “Jewelry?”

“Ha. Can’t stop yourself, can you, darlin’?”

She bit down on a curt reply and shoved the box onto the shelf. No need in getting her temper up. She’d have to get used to such comments if she wanted to work with him in the future. The Texan had discovered her Achilles heel and appeared to enjoy poking at it.

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