Twin Rivers

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-520-3
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-519-7
Page Count: 270
Word Count: 67690
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

Colorado Series

Country music star, Summer Jackson, left fame and fortune behind in Las Vegas one fateful night—the night an anonymous stranger checked her into rehab—the same night her partner Houston Pierce was murdered. Living out of the spotlight as Johanna Caldwell should be easier, except her fractured heart and her infamous past won’t allow her any rest.

When Johanna arrives at Twin Rivers looking for a job, Austin Pierce remembers her as Summer Jackson, the woman he’s always blamed for causing his brother’s death. Pierce hires the woman who calls herself Johanna, but her presence rekindles his feelings of resentment toward the woman he knew as Summer Jackson.

Will a new threat expose their secrets and endanger their future before they have a chance to forgive each other and build a new life together?



Heavy boots rattled the rustic floorboards beneath her feet. She tried to ignore the intruder, but he clearly intended to plant himself in her space. Mr. Pierce leaned against the front porch railing next to her and didn’t speak, didn’t even appear to notice her.

He stood so close she could smell him. He smelled of leather and the outdoors, with just a hint of horseflesh. She glanced at him. He wore boot-cut blue jeans and a western shirt. A pair of Justin boots finished the outfit. He never wore anything else—as predictable as the sunrise.

As the seconds ticked by, the silence aggravated her to distraction. “Is there something you want to say?”

He turned toward her and blinked, shaking his dark head as if to ward off the verbal blow. Without a word, he left and headed back into the empty lobby. She followed him, grumbling about how unfair his attitude could be. Why did she always end up being the one to apologize? “I’m sorry,” she muttered.

He stopped, but didn’t turn around. “Are you angry with me about something?”

“No.” She huffed. “Yes.”

“Well, which is it?”

His calm tone irritated her even more. “Does it matter to you one way or the other?” It was a much milder version of the angry response she wanted to hurl at him. He finally turned and stared at her, an incomprehensible look on his face.

“Oh, forget it.” She rushed for the staircase so he wouldn’t see her sulk.

“Johanna?” He commanded her attention with quiet assurance.

She hated it when he took that tone. She stopped, turned, and faced him, her shoulders squared, ready to rumble.

“You weren’t really arguing with Jeff about his mess in the kitchen, were you? Something else irritated you…again.” Predictable and perceptive.

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