Jewel of Solana

Published: 01/22/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509204984
ISBN Print: 9781509204977
Page Count: 360
Word Count: 83385
Rating: Spicy

Royals of Solana Book 2

Princess Alanna Peralta escapes a brutal attack on her island home after a vicious cartel assassinates her family. To save the royal bloodline and family legacy—the priceless necklace Luna de Azul—she conceals her identity and boards a mega-yacht…  Into the arms of a brazenly handsome engineer, who might be her guardian angel—or the devil in disguise.
Gabriel Flynn can’t look anyone in the eye. Until an obsidian-haired beauty begs for help. Committed to a solitary life at sea, he’s shocked to be captivated by the woman’s exotic, espresso eyes, and further amazed when she seems intrigued by his eccentricities.

With danger at every turn, Alanna and Flynn discover the limitless reach of the cartel’s power. Flynn must decide how much he trusts her not to betray him. As danger closes in, Alanna is torn between sacrifices—her life, family legacy, and country…or her heart.


Alanna blushed and looked at her feet. Her hair dangled over the side of her face like a dark licorice-colored curtain. “I’ve nearly been killed a half dozen times in the last few days, and you’ve saved me at every turn.” When she glanced back up at him, she moved closer. “What would you call that?”

Flynn sighed, more to catch his breath than anything else. “Infatuation. Dumb luck.”

Alanna grinned and pulled up his shirt. Her fingers spread across the steel plate. “Your shield says otherwise, Archangel Gabriel.” Her thumb trailed over the dent where the bullet had ricocheted off. “That has to be more than just luck.”

Flynn covered her hand with his. “Michael was the warrior. Gabriel was the messenger.”

Alanna shook her head dismissively. “You all come from the same place.”

She reached up further and untied the string that held the plate around his neck, letting it clatter to the floor. Flynn checked his stomach, a dark purple shadow forming with a nasty welt in the center. And sore as hell.

“We should ice this,” she soothed, inspecting the area.

Flynn chuckled. “There’s your proof. According to literature, archangels are immortal.”

Her eyes glistened in the narrow hallway. The bad, fluorescent lighting did nothing to diminish her beauty. Her hands rested on his waist, her skin warm and smooth.

“Thank you,” she breathed. “For coming back for me. You have no idea how much that means to me. There’s no point in hiding who I am any more. Not from you. Those men are after me because I’m—”

Flynn cupped her face and silenced her with a kiss. Everything around him stopped. No music, no bass beat, no dizzying panic. Just the soft cushion of her lips on his, and that delectable coconut taste. When he pulled back, her cheeks were flushed. “I already know, Alanna. I would’ve come back for you anyway.”

Her smile lit up her face. She kissed him again, this time holding nothing back. With a flick of his tongue, she opened for him and pressed against him. Pain seared through his bruise, but he didn’t care. Holding her was his medicine. His fingers slipped behind her neck, entwining in her hair. Everything turned hot. Her hands smoothed up his back under his shirt, his skin stinging where her fingernails dug into his shoulder blades. A sting he relished.

The double doors burst open. Alanna gasped.

A young Filipina with embellished black eyeliner and purple lipstick pushed past them, smirking in a sweat-covered, sequined shirt. “Take it to a stall, Facesuckers.” She disappeared into the restrooms.

“You’re much too precious for a place like this,” Flynn said, catching his breath.

Alanna wrapped her arms around his middle. Her cheek pressed into his chest. But she didn’t say anything.

“We need to get you some place safe tonight,” Flynn said.

“That would be wherever you are.”

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