Master of Disguise

Published: 04/08/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509207220
ISBN Print: 9781509207213
Page Count: 312
Word Count: 76795
Rating: Sensual

A master spy, Count Aldric has eluded exposure for years until he discovers several dangerous men are after the woman he loves, all while Aldric is posing as a burnt-out butler. He’s a true chameleon, and he uses that skill with ease to infiltrate the underbelly of the criminal world.

Tasked with protecting her twin sister’s top-secret project, Deidre is surrounded by danger. She valiantly breaks out of the protective shield she has lived in since childhood and is rewarded with the gift of true love and courage.

Deidre is kidnapped. Aldric is unmasked, his secrets revealed, and time is running out...


A whispered voice, floating on the night air, clogged his throat with emotion.

“Shush, Barkley. We have to be very, very quiet.”

Aldric froze. What the heck is going on?

Deidre stepped further out the door, and he looked his fill. A few strands of platinum-blonde hair peeped out from beneath a black head covering. Her lean body had been poured into a black cat suit. The kind of outfit Aldric himself wore on occasion.

He kept a low profile. The last thing he needed was a community watch busybody calling the cops. Praying Barkley recognized his scent and wouldn’t turn him into mincemeat, in one smooth motion, he slipped a gloved hand over Dee’s mouth and pushed her back inside the house. He grunted when a sharp elbow gouged his side as his meek and mild future countess tried to unman him. Canine teeth clamped onto the gloved hand wrapped around Dee’s waist, and Dee bit the hand covering her mouth.

He kept his voice low and gritted his teeth against the pain. “Deidre. Listen to me. It’s Elliott Tibbles.”

Tightening his arm around her waist, he repeated his name, “Deidre, it’s Slick, Elliott Tibbles.”

Barkley unclamped his viselike grip. At least now, he was only dealing with one set of teeth. Without warning, Dee’s body went limp, and he loosened his grip. Did I hurt her? A second later, a searing pain ripped down his shin.

Closing his eyes against the pain in three different parts of his body, Aldric pulled a pen light out of his pocket. He turned it on and stepped back. Deidre had already turned around, readying herself for another attack. What happened to the sweet, fragile woman he met a year ago? He framed his face with the light and a surprised gasp filled the small, dark kitchen.

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