The Debutante Murder

Published: 04/13/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509207169
ISBN Print: 9781509207152
Page Count: 296
Word Count: 73505
Rating: Sweet

The Denton Series

Bohemian artist Talia Bonilla discovers a body while picking tomatoes for salsa. Ex fiancée Luis Arroyo, Denton County’s D.A., is up to his eyebrows in missing debutantes. Wanting to win back his heart, Talia decides to secretly solve this case. To do it right, she enlists the help of the one woman neighborhood watch, June Clover, and best friend Yulan Yu, who works as a lab tech. But when Luis releases the number one suspect from jail, the once peaceful town becomes enraged. Matters crumble even further when Luis resigns his position and disappears. Talia becomes more determined than ever to find the women and clear Luis’s name, but then the unthinkable happens.


“Yesterday, there was a body face down in your flowerbed?”

“It was awful, Yulan. I cannot begin to tell you.”


Talia touched her forehead as though she had a headache. “I don’t even want to think about it.”

“A dead body was feet away from you, and you didn’t call me?” the American Asian woman wanted to know. “I watch Nancy Place criminality show all the time on TV. This is just the kind of murder she loves to analyze. We both ask tough hitting questions, pay attention to small details, so you can understand we have much in common, but she’ll never know about me—her greatest fan. I feel a sense of disappointment.”

“Sorry, but you weren’t my first thought.” Dressed in white cropped pants and a simple navy cotton T-shirt, Talia fastened her vintage state fair bracelet around her wrist.

“Who was the dead person?”

“No introductions were made.” For her sanity, Talia tried to make light of a horrific situation.

“Not what I meant.” Yulan crossed her arms.

“The media hasn’t released the name yet. A body in my yard is hard to think about.”

“The corpse should be enough to take your mind off Luis.”

“It’s Sunday. I bet he’s at his office working overtime on this case.”

“I know that look.”

“What look?” Talia asked innocently.

“You are planning to drive by his office to see if the light is on and if his car is in the parking lot.”


“Pitiful. Just pitiful.” Yulan shook her head.

“You win. I will resist the urge.”

“How are you feeling about the breakup? I know it’s just been a few days.”

“I’ve missed him every day. He’s a big hole in my life, in the middle of my soul. One minute I am ticking along fine, and life is sweet, because I am going to study art in Paris, France. And the next minute, I am totally devastated to be without Luis. My emotions are all over the place. I am slipping and sliding. I love him so much, it makes me ache.”

“The disengagement is new.”

Talia stopped primping and turned to Yulan. “Disengagement? Interesting new use of the word.”

“Between the body and the breakup, you do look worn out. Give yourself time to heal. I know—let’s take some girl time together. Maybe take a trip over your Thanksgiving break.” Yulan blinked hard. “A trip to see your papa in Monterrey.”

“That’s just what I need. Yulan, you’ve only been here a little while and already I feel better.” Talia hugged her. “Thank you.”

“I think it’s my voice that soothes. Soft and low, like all my family, except for my cousin whose voice is like a squawking duck.”

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