Wounded at Home

Published: 04/20/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509207305
ISBN Print: 9781509207299
Page Count: 290
Word Count: 70740
Rating: Spicy

The Wounded SEAL Trilogy

Financial analyst Sky Chapman must free her sister of a murder charge. Ex-SEAL Dirk Browning uses his skills as a private investigator and a military dog trainer to search for a way to keep Sky safe while they look for the killer and the missing millions the killer thinks she has.

Neither Sky nor Dirk want the attraction that springs between them. She, because she refuses to fall into the philandering-husband trap both her mother and sister dove into. He, because his mother abandoned him to the Brownings at the age of ten and he never saw her again.

The killer has given Sky a timeline. Find the money and turn it over, or she and her sister die. Will Sky survive long enough to explore the feelings she has for Dirk? Will Dirk be there for her? Or will the thief and killer make the questions moot?


“Do you want to go home?”

“You have work to do as well. We’ll go to the office.”

When they left, the FBI was still at work fingerprinting Sky’s office and questioning the employees. Parnell was in his office on the phone. He looked desperate. It served him right. Sky had tried her best to get out of a face-to-face meeting. Parnell, however, had insisted on it.

They walked to Dirk’s truck. When he helped Sky into the passenger seat, he felt her trembling. She had to have been frightened out of her wits, but she’d kept it together. He couldn’t tell from the conversation he’d heard through his ear buds that there was anything out of the ordinary. The guy was good. But Sky was amazing. The way she’d carried on a normal conversation with a man holding a gun and sitting four feet away made him admire her just that much more.

“Do you like Chinese food?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“I’ll pick some up just the same.”

By the time they were back at the office, he could tell she’d settled down somewhat. “It’s going to be all right, Sky.”

“I have to find the money in two days.”

“Maybe not. Maybe we’ll find him first.”

They had too many suspects. After putting the food in the break room, he invited Marshall and Buster to help themselves, then followed Sky into the office they’d given her. “Please try to eat a bite, Sky. You’ll get ill if you don’t.”

She sat with her head in her hands. “I was so frightened, Dirk. I knew he would not hesitate to kill me or anyone else who stood in his way.” She raised her eyes to his. They were filled with regret. “I couldn’t do a thing.”

He went to her and pulled her into his arms. “I think you did wonderfully well. Better than I would have.”

She laid her head against his chest. He kissed her hair, inhaled the smell of flower blossoms that he associated with her.

“How can you say that?”

“You kept everyone in the bank safe, Sky. Don’t forget that. If you had given the signal and I had gone in, he would have shot me, walked out the door, and shot more people. You saved our lives.”

“Why doesn’t that make me feel better?”

“Because you’re worried about Dory.” But not herself.

She lifted her head. He brushed her lips with a barely there kiss. She sighed. Maybe it was a sigh of relief that, for the time being, the danger was over. He wanted it to mean more. He risked choice number two and went back for another. Instead of pulling away, she leaned into him. He deepened the kiss.

Then he couldn’t think anymore. Time stopped. He slid into a depth of emotion he’d never experienced before. Sensations swirled around him in a kaleidoscope of blazing colors. Here was the woman he wanted. Though she didn’t realize it yet, she wanted him as well.

When they broke away, they looked at each other. Sky looked shell-shocked. Dirk blinked to bring himself back to the present.

This was the real deal.

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