The Joining

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Erik has no memories that go back more than five years. And no one knows how he's lost them. No memories, no prejudices, and an empathic ability. It makes him the perfect diplomat for the Space Guild.

Then how can he remember the woman he saved from an explosion in space? Does she hold the key to his locked past? Is she the key to his future?

21 Pages Sweet


The forward screen flashed to blinding white. The ship shuddered as the shields absorbed a power blast. Erik cringed even as his hands flew over the console, adjusting the defense system and sending messages to the Guild outpost. More shots glanced off the shields. He cursed out loud.

This was supposed to be a diplomatic mission! What was going on?

A burst of static filled the speakers. The Guild outpost wasn’t responding. The data on this quadrant of the galaxy had indicated instability and potential for conflict, so he’d emerged from null-space in full combat mode, but not prepared for open warfare! Had the Guild fallen victim to sudden hostilities?

Spacecraft on approach.

Three units.

The mechanical tone of the ship’s voice-interface pulled his attention back to the readouts. Data and schematics appeared on the targeting monitors.

“What...? They’re chasing that small ship!”


Two Earth-made plasma fighters in pursuit of alien craft.

Alien craft 40% disabled.

Alien craft identified as indigenous.

“Contact Earth ships.” Erik keyed in the appropriate warnings. As a free-lance agent of the Guild, he had license to act as law enforcement.

A new flash of energy illumined the screen, and the ship absorbed the power blast.

“Damn stupid fighters. Don’t you see the Guild seal on my wings?”

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