Specs Appeal

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Living in one place your whole life has advantages, but everyone knowing your business isn’t one of them. Liz Matthews is no longer the shy tenth grader nicknamed Specs. Her eleven-year relationship with her high school sweetheart is definitely over. And she is never dating anyone from Everett, Indiana, again.

Then she walks into the optician’s shop and discovers the new owner is the one boy from high school she never forgot. No way David Sherwood’s decision to move back to Everett after all these years has anything to do with her. Is there? Liz is too raw to put her love life up for town fodder again, and too attracted not to…

David Sherwood is not about to admit he’s spent years pining over someone else’s girl. Can his silly jokes still make her laugh? Or is he too late for a chance with Liz Matthews…

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Turning to the side, Liz smoothed back her hair, tilted her head seductively, and stuck her chin forward at the mirror in movie star nonchalance.

These sunglass frames looked good on her.

Just then, the door behind the counter swung open. There, about eight feet away, stood David Sherwood, her secret crush for her entire high school senior year.

Her stomach free fell down into her heels. She hadn’t seen him in nine years. Whipping off the overblown sunglasses, she shoved her own slim frames back on, praying the loose lens wouldn’t fly out.

David’s grey eyes came alive behind his classic wire-frames. “Liz Matthews!” He stepped forward, grinning. “You’re a sight for sore eyes.”

“David!” Her heart thumped. Surprise put her at a loss for additional words, but nothing felt more natural than grinning right back.

In math class, she and David had sat side-by-side for forty-eight minutes, five days a week for nine months, minus vacations. She’d thought of David way too much outside of class for a girl with a steady boyfriend. Nothing ever came of her reveries. David never saw her as more than a straight guy for his jokes, a pal to pass the time in math class. After graduation, the Sherwoods moved to Florida. Liz went on seeing Will, and never looked back.

At least not that she admitted to anyone.

Why couldn’t she get these glasses back in their slot? Her fingers insisted on behaving more like breakfast sausages than opposable digits. “Are you the new owner? I didn’t know this was your business!” she stammered as the frames scooted out of her grasp like a greased pig.

Right into David’s hands. “Here. I can do that for you.”

Their fingers connected for an instant as he took over. Awareness shimmered through her.

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