Doctor McBride

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Another McBride is about to go down.

Emma Binns knows what she wants, Doctor Jake McBride, and has decided it’s time for drastic measures to get him to the altar. However, there’s another woman, Abigail Christenson, who’s just as determined to become Mrs. McBride.

Jake McBride’s trouble started six years ago—after a night which included too many cups of spiked punch, when he’d kissed the daylights out of Emma Binns. Her father and six brothers witnessed the act, and swore him off Emma—forever. Can Jake take on the brood of men to claim the woman who haunts his dreams? Or will he die trying?

42 Pages


Emma stopped listening. Of all the injuries a girl could have, a lost toenail had to the most disgusting, ugly, down-right ghastly type. A twisted ankle was feminine, a case of the vapors womanly, but a lost toenail! This sort of thing could only happen to her. Abigail Christenson probably never lost a toenail! Even the throbbing had become nothing more than a revolting ache.

“Emma? Emma?” Jake’s voice made her lift her head. “Would you like something for the pain?”

“No.” She sighed and leaned forward, glancing at her foot in the ice water. “It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

He reached up and squeezed her hand, then pulled her foot from the water. After drying it, he began to wrap it with a long white bandage. The tingles both from where he’d touched her hand, and from his fingers stabilizing her foot, sent the last bits of pain away, replacing them with warmth. Soon her body felt flush, as if she’d just run all the way from the log mill to her ma and pa’s house. Her breath was coming almost as quick, too.

Jake finished with the bandage, eased her foot onto the floor, and much to her surprise, sat down beside her. He ran a hand behind her shoulders, gathering her hair in his palm. His gaze met hers. “Emma…I…” His other hand cupped her cheek, tugging her face toward his.

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