The Painter's Eye for an Eye

Page Count: 33
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The Painter's Eye for an Eye continues the tale of the (self-acknowledged) splendid, fashionable, and oh-so talented Sarah Woods and her infamous deadline for attaining marriage. Set in the quaint coastal town of Berwick, Maine in 1919, Sarah struggles with dated Victorian ideals and equally old-fashioned towns-folk. They may mean well, but oh, the ridiculous levels of incompetence she must suffer!

From lemonade to lobsters, some days do not go Sarah's way. She begins to fear the worst…

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"I must tell you, I am not a superstitious person but I have only history to look at! The ladies of independence that I so admire, Celia Thaxter, Sarah Orne Jewett, they lived alone and lonely, did they not? And I have only recently realized, Jewett died after a carriage accident. Is that not a terrible, disturbing parallel? It is a portent of doom!"

"Utterly ridiculous!" Rebecca said. "Why those were woman from years and years ago, even Jewett, well, most of her life was in the last century! You are a twentieth century woman, after all, very modern. It is quite a different world from their times!"

"And, you are lovely!" Mrs. O'Rourke exclaimed. "Why, I know dozens of men that would be honored to meet you. I know just the thing--a dinner party. I shall have it here in this house, and I can assure you, by the end of that, you'll have a list of admirers to choose amongst."

"You just have to make an effort to fit in," said Rebecca.

Sarah sniffed loudly and glared at her.

"Yes, yes, she is right," Mrs. O'Rourke seized the opportunity to assure her. "It's not too surprising that men might find you a bit intimidating, after all, this isn't Boston. You are, ah, you are..."

"Sophisticated," blurted Rebecca.

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