Payback In Wayback

Page Count: 51
Word Count: 0

(MSRP: 3.0000)

After spending twelve years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Corey Donovan is bent on getting a little payback. He’s headed for Wayback, Texas, the place where it all began. And who better to start with than the recently widowed Tiffany Covington.

Tiffany Covington is both thrilled and afraid when she learns Corey Donovan has returned to Wayback. She’s ready to repay old debts, the question is...will Corey accept her currency of exchange?

(51 pages) Sensual


She had changed some. Her blonde hair was shorter and a little darker, more honey colored. He used to tease her about having hair the perfect shade of sun-glare.

From what he could see, she had filled out a little in all the right places, though one thing had stayed the same. From across a room, her baby-blues could still twist a man's gut. And as he knew all too well, at close quarters they could claim his soul.

He did the only thing he could. Standing on the stage, holding a bright red guitar, he sang straight into her eyes. His heart, the small part he still owned, ached with recognition. As he sang the lyrics of love gone bad, a truth he'd buried for over a decade rose upward like a bull rider heaved into the air. At eighteen, he'd foolishly given away his heart, and the woman at his feet still owned it.

"I'm nothing without you, come make me whole again." The last words of the song coursed through his blood like 101 Proof Wild Turkey. As he played the final chords, he cursed the girl, his own weakness, and Wayback, Texas--where it all began.

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