The Quartering Act

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Page Count: 316
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Katherine Heaton, a young patriot woman, stares into the eyes of the Redcoat officer standing over her father’s lifeless body. Stunned at what she has just witnessed, there is nothing she can do when the soldiers haul her brother away for hanging a British Stamp Agent. Devoted to her brother, and the cause, she will help him fight for independence. Captain Jeremy Burke, officer in the King’s army, arrives in the New World and discovers the colonies have an elegant simplicity that surprises him, especially the beautiful Heaton woman. He has never had a problem with self-discipline, until now. The painful road of time, separate lives, and war require determination and courage for two enemies to embrace a love so powerful and forbidden.

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He didn't pull away, and his gaze poured into hers, sending a strong message that tugged at her heartstring, an attraction she'd never felt before.

"Katherine, may I call you Katherine?" His voice drifted to her senses.

Her name sounded like sweet music from his lips, romantic. She couldn't deny he had a seductive way about him when they locked eyes. However, the disturbed beating of her heart annoyed her. After all, he was the enemy.

Katherine jerked her arm from his and unlocked her gaze. Without thinking, she pressed the palm of her hand against his chest, covered with the red and white uniform. It reminded her of what he represented.

Lifting her head, she stared into his eyes. Taking in a quick short breath, Katherine suddenly recognized him.

"You, sir ... you have charge over me and my mother. We are at your mercy in our home, so it's your choice to call me Katherine if you wish. It makes no mind to me."

When she referred to him as an enemy, he dropped his arm to his side.

He softly apologized. "I'm just a person, doing a job, and I want no harm coming to you or your mother."

"Sir, you are a soldier of the King of England ... a Redcoat. In my eyes, responsible for killing my father."

"It was an unfortunate circumstance, and I regret it happened to your family."

"Even so, you are responsible. Don't you always follow your orders? You were there that night."


"It very well could have been you who pulled the trigger that murdered my father."

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