Bound by Oath and Honour

Published: 03/04/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509206346
ISBN Print: 9781509206339
Page Count: 308
Word Count: 79575
Rating: Sensual

Bound by Oath and Honor Series

Fresh from her photo shoot in Northern England, wildlife photographer Tala Westbrook makes a promised stop at the family manor in Staffordshire, desperately in need of renovation. Though she didn’t plan to stay longer than it took to find a contractor, she is caught up in an ancient paranormal war. Despite the danger all around, she finds herself falling for the handsome, enigmatic man assigned to protect her.

Micah Berrington, elite guardian from the realm of the Bewitan Fierd, is used to protecting men of strength in the greatest of peril, not a female looking for someone to repair her home. Yet the assignment is far more than it seems and so is the beautiful woman destined to capture his heart, regardless of the cost.


“I’m not leaving until you tell me whatever it is you don’t want me to know.” She set her heels, and placed a hand on her hip.

His anger flared. “Is that right? A little while ago you couldn’t wait to leave this place.”

Tala gave her head a snooty little toss. “A lot has changed since then, wouldn’t you agree?”

He brushed the barb aside. “Then let me get you a pillow and blanket. You can make yourself comfortable on my sofa.”

Indignation filled her lovely eyes. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say? Really?”

Micah met her gaze without a flinch. “Really.”

“Whatever.” She gave him a curt nod and stormed toward the door.

He had fallen into the deep, dark abyss of the feminine whatever. Nonetheless, he stepped in front of the entryway blocking her path. “Where are you going, Tala?”

“Back inside the forest, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Why would you do something as foolish as that?”

“To find some answers, since you’re unwilling to share what you know.” She gritted her teeth. “Now, get out of my way.”

He held his ground while disregarding the directive. “Just what do you expect to find out there?”

She shrugged away the question. “I’m not sure. However, I do know those creatures left tracks. I’m quite adept at finding and following them to wherever they might lead. Trust me.”

“Regardless of the danger?”

“I can take care of myself.”

“By far you are the most obstinate woman I have ever had the displeasure of meeting,” he ground out.

Her eyes narrowed yet again as she leaned toward him. “You’re not a pack of laughs yourself.”

“My purpose here is not to entertain you.”

“Oh, now you have assigned yourself a purpose concerning my life that somehow gives you the right to withhold information I know you have? You think you can just order me around and I’ll obey your every command without question? If you truly think that, then you can just think again, buster. Now, for the last time, get out of my way or-or—”

“Or what?” he cut in.

“Just get out of my way, Micah. Now!”

“Nope, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He ignored her rising anger. “Look, the way I see it, you have one of two choices. You can spend the night here on my couch—by George, I’ll even give you the bed upstairs—or you can spend it at the manor. Either way I will stand guard over you just to make sure you don’t do anything I consider foolish.”

Indignant heat colored her cheeks. “I will have you arrested.”

“Go ahead and try that tactic if you think you’d have even the smallest measure of success. However, I think I should tell you no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you will go no further than this cottage—or the manor—until the morning comes.”

“Well, we’ll just see about that, won’t we?” The fire in her eyes contradicted the deadly calm in her tone of voice.

A chilling chorus of wolves ended the argument. From the sound, the shifters were very near the cottage. In all likelihood, they searched for Tala. He took hold of the door handle with one hand and grabbed his rifle with the other. “Unless you want to be on the menu, I suggest you stay put.”

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