Step On Me More

Published: 01/15/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509205127
ISBN Print: 9781509205110
Page Count: 304
Word Count: 76130
Rating: Sensual

Shelburne High School teachers Kailyn Hartigan and Lisa Stone have had enough. Bullying among students is reaching an all-time high, and the rest of the staff is either in denial or too afraid of repercussions to help address the problem.
When Stephanie Moore—aka: Step On Me More—is welcomed by Shelburne High as the new principal, taking an anti-bullying stance becomes a dangerous game. One that could cost Kailyn and Lisa not only their careers, but the lives of the students they seek to protect.


The front courtyard of the school thronged with students, cat-calling to each other, talking and laughing in small groups. Happy students, waving and calling, “Hi, Ms. Stone,” to me as I made my way among them and headed toward the wide steps leading to the front doors. A flicker of doubt crossed my mind. Maybe Kailyn and I had jumped the gun on this bullying thing. As far as either of us could tell, nothing more had happened between Leigh and Callie, although it was obvious they were certainly avoiding each other in class. Jennifer had no more crying spells, that we saw, anyway, and had thrown herself into making art with an enthusiasm that warmed my heart.

I started up the steps, then froze as I heard a cry of pain from the patio to the right of the stairs, behind the flowering shrubs. I acted on instinct. Dropped my purse and books where I was and ran back down the steps and toward the sound. My heart sank as I reached the patio. Jennifer lay on the concrete surface, curled up in a fetal position, hugging her knees, as two other girls kicked and slapped her. Blood oozed from one of her elbows, and her beautiful, pale blonde hair was streaked with dirt and twigs from the ground. A smashed cell phone lay in pieces on the ground.



“Little creep!”

The epithets flew through the air, mixed with Jennifer’s wails.

I marched in and grabbed both girls by the arms. “Stop that! Right now.”

One of the girls was Callie, and the other had never been in any of my classes, but I knew her by sight. She was a cheerleader, popular and pretty, but rather loud and foul-mouthed. I had sent her to Craig with a note once, when I heard her sounding off in the hall.

“Tanya Marshall, what in the world are you doing? Get off her right now.”

Callie smirked at me and backed away, but Tanya aimed another kick at Jennifer that caught her in the knee. Jennifer screamed. I pulled Tanya back by force. She turned to face me. “You better let go of me. I’ll file a complaint against you, and you’ll lose your job. You can’t touch me, you know.”

“I have the right to intervene in something like this,” I told her, trying to control the fury in my voice.

I heard Michael behind me. “What’s going on here?”

I turned. “As you can see,” I snapped. “There’s been a vicious attack on a student by these young ladies. Will you take these two to the office, please, right now, and ask Mr. Dixon to call their parents? I need to get Jennifer to the nurse.”

“Yeah, take the baby to the nurse…” Callie sneered. Michael took them in tow, and led them away.

I knelt beside the sobbing girl. “Jen, Jennifer, come on, honey. Let’s go inside and get you cleaned up. I’ll call your mom to come get you and take you home for the day.”

She didn’t move. “I want to die,” she sobbed.

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