Red Hot Blues

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-652-1
Page Count: 67
Word Count: 15779
Rating: Spicy

A New Adult Novella

Growing up in the fast lane…

Sixteen year old Telluride Marshall loves her sex kitten mother, but the woman is a thug magnet. Kittie's love affairs always end the same—packing only what they can carry for a middle of the night escape. On the road once again, Tellie tries to warn her mom about the dangers they'll face in the stolen hot rod with thousands of dollars belonging to Kittie's abusive ex. But while Tellie wants to shape a different kind of life, all Kittie wants is another man. The question becomes, who does the road belong to when you're racing down the interstate in a red hot sports car?


My mother was the type of woman men went nuts for, then pummeled. Living with her made me independent, wary, and defensive. And, by the time I was in my teens, I was anxious to shape a different kind of life.

It hurt more each time Kittie woke me up with a rude prod and a whispered, “No time to pack. Let’s book.” Running away in the middle of the night with my crazy mother caused me real pain. I wanted roots, but Kittie’s heart wanted love with lousy men.

Kevin Whitebold, ex-football star turned used car magnate, seemed cooler somehow, and their relationship lasted long enough that my life was almost normal. Until she woke me at three a.m. on a prematurely warm night in May of 1989. With a finger to her lips, my mother handed me the wrinkled T-shirt and shorts I’d left on the leather armchair by the foot of my canopied bed. I loved that big soft bed. I loved my pastel pink and yellow bedroom in Kevin’s massive colonial on ten acres of pine-scented forest. Now I’d be leaving all that behind.

I ran a hand through my waist-length tangles before stuffing my backpack with the cash from my piggy bank, my dog-eared copy of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and a worn pair of flip-flops. I knew enough to take less than three minutes to get from bed to getaway vehicle. Exactly the way Kittie had taught me.

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