ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-303-2
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-302-5
Page Count: 364
Word Count: 80454
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)


Jessica Long has the voice of an angel. But Jesse's cold beauty masks a brutal past filled with privation and cruelty. As the talented soprano approaches her final year at New England Conservatory, she is faced with a choice: stay with her striking young lover or accept the offer of a successful Broadway producer. She chooses the latter only to discover that fame can exact a cruel price. After years of yearning, the lovers meet again - at Jesse's ragged homestead on the Maine Coast.  

Matt will reveal the benefactor who's followed and protected Jesse as the lovers face a confrontation with the jealous pursuer who's tried to destroy her. One final choice awaits that may cost Jesse both Matt and her life. The Broadway impresario, a mysterious crime lord, and Matt's stunning literary agent head a cast of absorbing secondary characters. Filled with unexpected plot twists, Solo is a classic, leading the reader over a bittersweet tapestry spanning fifteen years.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 364
Word Count: 80454
978-1-62830-302-5 Paperback
978-1-62830-303-2 Digital


“Jess.” He stopped her.

“There’s nothing you could ever tell me that would change the way...” He took a deep breath. “…the way I love you.” He’d said it. He’d wanted to say it before, but the time was never right. He waited, suspended. He knew how she felt, but he needed the words.

Time stopped as Jesse released him. They faced each other. She found his eyes, her hair falling away. “I love you, too. I had no idea what love was until I met you.” She studied him in the soft, special way he dreamt of. “From that first morning, I’ve thought about you so much. You’re part of me.”

She grabbed him with unexpected force. Then, she found his lips and kissed him. He was afraid she’d devour him, and he loved it. He kissed her back, feeling the soft, tender warmth of her mouth and tongue as it sought his. Her fragrance surrounded them as his hands slipped inside her jeans, feeling the soft warmth as he caressed her. She followed his lead.

They stopped in unison, breathing heavily as they clung to each other. Searching desperately for a sanctuary, their eyes fell on the same thing. Parked a block away was Matt’s Mustang convertible. He took her hand, but she was already pulling him toward it.

“You’re sure…” He never finished.

“Yes, Matthew, yes!

They ran toward his car. Matt fumbled for the keys and opened her door. He looked around. She touched his hand, sending strange, new sensations through him. He wanted to touch every inch of her rich body and more than anything he’d ever wanted in his life, he wanted to be with her.

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