Dickens of a Death

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-578-4
Page Count: 151
Word Count: 35435
Rating: Spicy

Dickens' Days - an annual event of Victorian decorations and dress, caroling, roasted chestnuts, and this year, murder. The tyrannical Days Coordinator stops at nothing to fulfill his goals. Until death halts him in his tracks.

Katie Sheridan's best friend Ginger and Ginger's mother top the suspect list when the victim is found outside their home. The weapon? A potpourri of toxic holiday decorations. No one railroads her friends, so Katie begins snooping.

Detective Dirk Johnson believes keeping Katie safe is difficult even when he's at her side, but breaks up with her to keep the lead investigator position. He must solve the case within days or turn the file over to a detective with less experience and a direct connection with the mayor. Will small-town politics allow a killer to go free or will Katie and Dirk find a Christmas miracle?


“Dickens Days is the craziest damn weekend of the year.” Dirk ran his fingers through his hair. “Well, second to July Fourth, but still. I’d rather you weren’t in the thick of things that weekend.”

If it were up to Dirk, I’d be Suzy Homemaker—one of our ongoing bones of contention. “At least I’ll be inside, in one location.” Have I mentioned that the decorations committee also dressed in costume while conducting open house tours? Yep, I was one lucky “volunteer.”

“Plus, Ginger will be with me. What kind of trouble can I get into with her?”

His eyes narrowed into slits. Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have reminded Dirk that Ginger and I had gotten involved in one too many murders over the last year.

I quickly added a disclaimer. “We’ll be stationed at Winslow House.”

His expression blanked.

“Ginger’s parents’ house. Her mom will be there with us.” Ginger’s childhood home was large and so historic it rated a name.

Dirk shook his head and glanced at Ginger. “This is already a done deal, isn’t it?” he mumbled under his breath. “How’d you get sucked in by Little Dick?”

I turned to face Ginger. “See? I’m not the only one who calls Shorter by his correct name.”

She looked at the ceiling and didn’t answer, but her lips quirked.

Determined to keep my promise to Ginger, I pulled out my almost nonexistent flattery skills. “Besides, you’ll be on duty, so nothing will go wrong.”

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