Happy Meal

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Mark's mother was notoriously stubborn and when she set her mind to dining at McDonald's there was no persuading her. He suspected his mom was up to something but would have never guessed that their weekly dinners out would end up with so many Happy Meals to come.

(10 pages) - sweet


Before my blue BMW 3 series convertible had come to a stop, Mom was out her front door. She hated being late and prided herself on punctuality. Her head of white curls bobbed as she wrestled with her sweater and black purse. At seventy, her body had gotten smaller while her purse became larger. I figured by the time she was a hundred it would look like she was dragging around a suitcase. She smiled and waved as she locked up the front door.

As I walked around the car to open the passenger door, I peeled off my suit jacket, tucked my tie in the pocket and tossed them into the backseat. I ignored her "tsk, tsk" and dropped a kiss on her check.

If I closed my eyes, I'd be right back in time, to all the spring days, when I'd walk into the house after school, toss off my shirt and hear 'Mark, don't toss your clothes on the floor, hang them up.'

I couldn't help but tease her a little. "I know you raised me not to be careless with my clothes." I reached into the backseat and smoothed out my jacket. "Better?"

"It would be better if you didn't tease your mother so much." Her faded blue eyes twinkled with mischief behind her silver framed glasses. With one hand, she gripped the door and her other hand clutched the seat. "I have no idea why anyone would make a car that's so hard to get into."

I shook my head and smiled because she said the same thing every week. I knew that before I had finished sliding into my black leather bucket seat she'd say, "I just don't understand why you're not married."

I nodded and shifted the car into reverse.

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