Coffee And Love To Go

Page Count: 11
Word Count: 0

(MSRP: 1.5000)

Dan is surprised to find out he is the topic of conversation on a women's talk show about meaningful glances. For the last two weeks when he stops for his cup of coffee, he has noticed a beautiful woman with red hair and now she's on the air asking the listeners if she should make the first move and talk to him.

(12 pages) - sweet


"Next," the woman behind the cash register yelled. My emotions burst like a balloon. I was certain Missy was going to ask me out. "Next!" the woman repeated loudly.

"A large dark roast," I said dejectedly.

"Two twenty-nine." She grunted putting the cup in front of me. As she handed back my change, I looked at Missy and decided to wait until after she ordered. There was no way a person could start a conversation when the teeth gnashing woman behind the counter was staring at you.

I listened, as she said, "skim latte', please."

Her voice was like hot fudge on cool, creamy, vanilla ice cream. Hot and sweet.

"Forget something?" The cashier glared at me.

My face felt warm. I reached around Missy and dropped my change into the tip jar. "Thanks."

"I meant," the cashier said, "that you've been looking at this woman for a week as if she were a pastry. Every day you come in here like those half-starved dieters, drooling over the warm sugar and cinnamon donuts in the bakery case. I know they want the donut, but will they buy one? No, they'd rather spend their life in denial."

I wanted to shout that she didn't know what she was talking about, but she did. I wanted Missy. I wanted to talk to her, invite her out to lunch, find out where she worked, the music she liked, the movies she saw. Everyone in the coffee shop was staring at me. My face felt like it was on fire. My mind went blank. I couldn't think of a single snappy one liner to come back with, so I walked out.

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