Uncle Mike's Love

Page Count: 29
Word Count: 0

(MSRP: 1.5000)

Mike felt the biggest mistake in his life was moving away from his hometown and not asking the first love of his life Patty to go with him. Now, twelve years later he's back in town to take care of his nephews and he's hoping to get a second chance with Patty.

(29 pages) Sweet


“We’ll be fine, won’t we boys?” I looked to the doorway where my nephews stood in their rumpled pajamas and bare feet. Danny yawned. Dustin rubbed his eyes.

“Go off to work and don’t worry about us,” I said.

My sister didn’t look convinced, but she smiled as she hugged her sons. “I really appreciate you taking care of the boys. Be good for Uncle Mike,” she warned.

Her fingers brushed against my arm. “Are you sure you can do this?” she asked looking me in the eye.

“Sara, I coached a college football team. I can easily get two boys, dressed, fed and off to school.”

She shook her head as if unconvinced, but didn’t say anything else.

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