Saga of Sourdough Red

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Page Count: 372
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Jennifer Kileen, an Ohio farm girl, journeys to Alaska toward the end of the gold rush to search for her twin brother, Jeremy. He'd sent a torn map and a plea for help to their father, unaware that both parents had perished during an influenza epidemic. Jenny takes her kid brother with her, but to travel more freely she is disguised as a young man, hiding her one vanity, her long red hair, under a hat. Jenny and David start their journey surviving a storm at sea, make a harrowing trip up the dreaded Valdez Glacier, and are pursued by an unknown but relentless villain throughout their journey. Two men fall in love with her—Captain Mitch, a dashing, handsome ship's captain, and Neal Erickson, a doctor who gave up his profession to do survey work in the wilderness. Will Jenny choose the right man? Does she find her long-lost brother?

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"Shush, Jennifer, don't get upset. I'm not complete, I tell you. I've nothing to offer. You deserve better."

"You're probably right." Her voice quaked just a bit with the struggle to maintain her dignity. Had she told him she loved him when they were in the midst of passion? It was hard to remember, but maybe he didn't remember, either.

He got to his feet and walked a short way to peer over the rail. When he looked at her, his face was in the shadows, his expression unreadable.

"You're a strong-minded woman, but also you're soft and romantic and mischievous. Everything a man should find exciting in a mate. And you'll find the right man soon, sweet Jenny. The wonder is that it hasn't happened before this. When you do, you'll thank me for being honest with you." He turned and walked away.

Jenny sat for a long time, even after the air was so cold that she began to shiver. She'd offered herself to this man, and he'd spurned her. Tears crowded into her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Boo crept out from behind the chair and nudged his head under her hand, as if wanting to comfort her. She was beyond comfort, and it wasn't only the cold that made her numb. How could she face him for the rest of the journey and pretend there was no distance between them?

Later, lying in her bunk with her hands behind her head, she stared up at the ceiling. Where did she go wrong? She accepted the fact that the miners saw her as one of them, a robust, sturdy survivor. Maybe not Ivar, but she didn't love Ivar. Same as Neal didn't love her.

Jenny listened to the sound of the ship plowing through the water toward Fairbanks.

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