Taking the Tumble

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-975-9
ISBN Print: 978-1-61217-974-2
Page Count: 300
Word Count: 71593
Rating: Spicy(PG13)


There are a lot of ways to fall--some dangerous, some delightful...

After a painful divorce, Cyn Westland returns to grad school hoping for a fresh start. When her communications professor requires the class to choose new identities for the semester, it seems like the perfect chance to bury her past. Especially when the sexy student known as Merlin grabs her attention.

Publisher Mac Price is taking the experimental class to pursue his dream of writing a graphic novel. But it's the girl known as Cleopatra who makes higher education worthwhile. Somehow, keeping their real names secret adds a thrill to the time they spend together outside class.

But as their relationship develops, another classmate watches jealously. When Cyn receives anonymous threats, Mac's first instinct is protective, but Cyn's finished dealing with dominating men. The dirty tricks turn scary. Love takes a setback. Then Cyn comes face-to-face with her stalker...

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 300
Word Count: 71593
978-1-61217-974-2 Paperback
978-1-61217-975-9 Digital


“But, Mac, are you quite sure about the job offer?” Cyn asked. “It’s such a big responsibility…and your father?”

“Big M’s agreed. He believes I know what I’m doing.” Mac looked pleased to say the words. “Suppose we try it for six months, at a salary commensurate with the position. And did I mention benefits? Health insurance, pension, sick days, dental plan…the works.”

“The works, you say? Just what other benefits do you have in mind?”

“Your own corner office, big desk, couch.”

“Any other fringe benefits?”

“Making out with the boss?”

She giggled. “I’ll want that written into the contract.”

“Deal!” Pressing her close, he ran his fingers down her spine. “I’m sure I can accommodate whatever you want. This is definitely a job with perks.”

Cyn clung to him, wriggled her hips, then pulled away. “Come inside. My driveway is no place to make such a momentous decision. You can keep me company while I consider it—from several different positions.”

Oh, yeah…. He nudged her toward the front door.

As Mac stepped over the threshold, he turned back, glanced around. This was not the moment for a chill to creep up the back of his neck. “Dammit,” he muttered. “What’s wrong now?” The icy feeling shocked him, momentarily wiping out his euphoria.

Someone was watching.

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