Whiskey Sour Noir

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-170-0
Page Count: 61
Word Count: 15614
Rating: Spicy(PG13)

The Hard Stuff Series

Tami Lee Conkers knows her own mind, and she knows she has gotten herself into trouble by falling for the handsome, well-educated Cat Avery.  She knows better, as the man is a registered sex offender who has served his time and now tends bar, but she believes his claim of innocence.
Having lost everything–career, family, home and reputation–Cat thinks he has figured out who set him up for the crime he didn't commit. He is determined to seek revenge.  All around him, life is going from bad to worse until Tami Lee comes a callin'.  Without Tami's help, Cat's life is over.  
As the world spins out of control around them, can Tami justify leaving her life behind for one man?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count:61
Word Count:15614
978-1-62830-170-0    Digital


The first time I met Cat Avery, he'd just started bartending at the Kettle of Fish. The sudden halt of the Gulf Stream flow was all over the news and everybody sat glued to the yakker box, watching the talking heads discuss the oncoming doom. When I walked in I was tired and cranky. Not in the mood for world disaster. Not in the mood for love, either. I'd dropped by the Kettle for relaxation, not excitement. I'd had enough of that at work.

I almost turned right around and headed for the take-out coolers at the liquor mart down the way. But once I'd set my squinting eyes on Cat Avery, I stood my ground. In West Dusky, you're lucky if you see anyone with all their own teeth, never mind good-looking guys in their thirties. Well-built men with hair on their heads are a rare breed in my neighborhood. I'd become accustomed to sleeping down. Avery was on another ranking entirely. He was up so many rungs he was out of my league and I knew it soon as I laid eyes on the man.

That was my first row of thoughts, at least. I should have turned tail, saved my tattooed backside. But it was already too late. I was hooked line and sinker and he was smiling at me. He'd seen me come in. I held my breath for a moment and tried not to look at the vision of hunkiness standing behind the bar with a dirty towel over one broad shoulder. But there wasn't really any choice. I couldn't take my eyes off him. What was a guy like that doing in a place like this?

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