Chaos Conquers All

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-351-3
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-350-6
Page Count: 358
Word Count: 91475
Rating: Hot (R)

Tired of spinning through jobs and men with abandon, Helen Ficklesham decides to wrestle her life back on track. But when she trips a sexy stranger, she's tempted to ditch her good intentions for another hot fling, one that may ruin her dream job and flatten her self-esteem.

Professor Julian Webb never knew what hit him, but now he's caught in Helen's whirlwind, protecting her from old enemies within his wealthy family, and considering commitment—both mental and marital. The problem is, while Helen wears her heart on her sleeve, he refuses to risk his. He wants her on his terms.

Helen can hold her own against her demanding boss, her diva mother, and Julian's scheming relatives, but falling truly in love is the scariest thing she's ever done. How can she know for sure what he feels? Is she willing to deny him to keep her career and independence?  She's a woman on the verge of a breakthrough. Take cover!

Romantic Comedy
Rating: Hot/erotic
Page Count: 358
Word Count: 91475
978-1-62830-350-6 Paperback
978-1-62830-351-3 Digital


He resisted the impulse to pull her in again but instead followed her outside to the marble stairs, blocking her exit by standing in her path a step down, their eyes level. The cold morning air licked against his skin and sharpened his fascination. She had a face and figure any man would notice, but what set her apart was a vulnerable quirkiness that clung to her. “Do you always run away after you sleep with a man?”

She scowled and rubbed her arms. “We didn’t sleep-sleep together, and I’m not running—I called a cab. I’m getting out of your life and on with mine. I thought you’d be grateful.”

He wished he was. Emotional and reckless, she was an all-or-nothing woman, filled with brash random energy, throwing out sparks of chaos that burned holes into his comfortably complacent existence.

“You mumble in your sleep.” The soft murmur of her voice had reached right between his legs. Normally he kept his appetite for sex well fed, but for months he’d neglected his social life in favor of work. Strange to think he hadn’t missed sex until he woke to Helen Ficklesham’s muttering. “And you snore,” he lied.

“I do not!” Color rode high on her cheeks, tinting her fair skin deliciously, and he wondered how far down her body the blush spread.

“Didn’t bother me.” Without intending to, he grinned. What was happening to him? He’d only met her last night. What kind of havoc would she wreak if given more time?

She licked her lips, breathing fast. “You ought to be careful who you smile at.”

He’d never met anyone like her. She was the epitome of everything he avoided, chaos with a capital C, a free spirit careening through life. In her presence, his carefully arranged existence seemed confining and dry as dust.


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