Dream Lover

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-627-9
Page Count: 116
Word Count: 26165
Rating: Spicy

The Golden Decade of Rock and Roll

When offered the position of nanny for widowed Eric Garrison’s young children, Haley Parker hesitates only a moment before accepting what could be the perfect job.

Despite a hectic workload as a defense attorney, Eric does his best to spend time with his family.  The more he gets to know Haley, the more he admires how she handles his kids.  And the more insistent his attraction for the lovely, young nanny becomes.

Despite Haley’s resolve to not become involved, at night she dreams of him.  Dreams far too steamy to share with even her closest friend Chloe.

On a family vacation to Paris, they spend an incredible night together, but will her dream lover disappear in the light of day?


“So, Miss Parker, what do you think of Paris?”

Haley rolled over in the big bed and wrapped her arms around Eric’s waist, drawing him closer. “I think the Eiffel Tower is compensating for something.

“Perhaps, we could explore the possibility of what that might be. Comme vous le voulez.

She relaxed back in Eric’s embrace and felt the wet press of his lips to hers, the scratchiness of his tongue... the...

She awoke with a start.

Benji, the Garrison’s cat, sat squarely in the middle of her chest, his nose pressed against her cheek. Her heart pounded, the remnants of her dream coming back to her in embarrassing Technicolor. What in heaven’s name would have possessed her to dream about her employer in such an unusual and thoroughly inappropriate way?

Surely, she wasn’t attracted to the workaholic, albeit handsome, attorney. No, it must have been the few words of French he’d uttered at dinner prompting such a ridiculous dream. Haley mentally discarded any thought of herself and Eric Garrison. She gave the cat a shove.

“Get down, you pesky ball of fur.”

Benji jumped lazily to the floor, his loud hiss speaking volumes about his displeasure at being rousted from the bed.

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