Somewhere Down the Road

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-712-2
Page Count: 140
Word Count: 34520
Rating: Sweet

The Civil War Series

When the Civil War tears her family apart, Tassie Folden must journey from her Tennessee home to a new life with her aunt in Cincinnati. When she runs into trouble in dangerous territory, she is aided by a handsome Union officer. When their paths cross again, Tassie begins to wonder if her future might include him. But Major Micah Corchoran is the most secretive man she’s ever met. What is he hiding? And how can they have a future together if he won’t trust her?
Micah Corchoran uses his position in the Union Army to aid in a dangerous and secretive cause. Returning home from the war, he again encounters the lovely Southern belle he aided on the road. He’s already fallen for Tassie, but loving her could put his family at risk. Can he trust her with his secret?
When his secret comes to light and the schemes of a blackmailer are exposed, Tassie hopes her journey is complete. Does her future lie here or somewhere down the road?


Footsteps falling heavily behind her in the wet ground distracted her. Micah approached, his fair hair gleaming in the moonlight.

“What has you so fascinated, Belle?”

Tassie folded her arms across her chest. “I’ve told you before, I’m not a southern belle. I’m just a girl from Tennessee.”

“Oh, yes, our fugitive from Tennessee. I’m still waiting to hear how you ventured from Piney Gap to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, all while heading for Cincinnati, Ohio.”

“I suppose you’ll have to go on waiting,” she said airily. “Although, you may know more about my journey than you’re admitting.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Perhaps you could tell me why a man in a dark blue cape with red embroidered piping, an exact replica of your own, was seen stealing my horse several weeks ago?” Tassie leaned toward him in the moonlight, relishing the fact she had caught him off guard.

“My cape? How would you know anything about my cape?”

“The night Bill and I came through your checkpoint I looked back and saw you put it on. So, I figure whatever group of bloodthirsty Yanks you belong to is also the membership of the man I saw steal my horse. His cape was identical to yours.”

Micah raised his eyebrows. “The war ended, Tassie. I don’t know where any of those men are now. I’m sorry.”

“I think you know who he is, Major. And I think you’re covering up for whoever he is.”

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