Published: 04/27/2016

ISBN Digital: 9781509207459
ISBN Print: 9781509207442
Page Count: 226
Word Count: 50020
Rating: Spicy

Used to luxurious, high-profile city life, Chris's world is shattered when tragedy takes his husband and young son. Seeking a life free from pain, Chris returns to his grandfather's cabin on the shores of Wolf Thorn Lake, Maine.

When Chris meets Jake, the earthy young man who resides across the lake, Chris faces his most challenging decision yet. Does he continue his life alone, or does he risk his heart and the potential of love he sees illuminated in Jake's warm eyes?

A young man running from pain, a rural free spirit with the ability to heal, and a wolf who haunts the shore-line of Wolf Thorn Lake illustrate the endurance of the human heart, the capacity to learn how to love again, and the heart's ability to restore even the most wounded of men.


When he arrived at Dotti’s dock, Chris stood in the woods for a moment and watched. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The grove was decorated like the fantasy dinner from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A dozen Japanese paper lanterns hung in the trees. Floating spheres of reds, oranges, yellows, and blues. Magically illuminated, they danced lazily in the branches overhead.

A picnic table was covered with green and red candles, flowers, and a spread of food that would make Martha Stewart jealous. A warm fire was burning near the dock and cast them all in an ambient, honeyed light. He could see Dotti was still decorating the table and Mill, who sat close by, was strumming a quiet song on her ukulele, humming along with the makeshift tune. Paige, a wreath of flowers in her hair, was dancing slowly with a young guy. Swaying softly to the music, the pair looked like they were floating.

Mike was fixing a plate of food, laughing robustly at something Dotti had said, and brought the plate to an old woman who sat by the fire. From the gentle way Mike treated her, Chris could see she was blind.

Chris stayed in the shadows and watched. It was the vision of perfect peace. These people glowed with a sense of absolute place and spirit. They were whole, true, and real, and he desired desperately to know the magic they contained. He wanted to be a part of it. To be just like them. To inhale what they had deep within his lungs and purge the heaviness that had resided there for so long.

Then he saw Jake.

His heart leapt forward and he caught his breath in his throat. Jake was standing in the background, deep within the grove. The firelight warmed his face and cast dancing shadows across his sturdy frame. He looked elemental, like something that was a part of the landscape, wolven almost.

…and he was smiling directly at Chris.

The big bad wolf never looked hotter, Chris thought to himself.

The two men stared at each other and Chris couldn’t move. He was warmed in the shadows by Jake’s impish smile, his broad shoulders and his magnetic jaw. Chris’s heartbeat accelerated and instinct told him to run into the warm light toward this magical man, while his intellect told him to turn and run away, to hide deep into the safety of the forest.

Oh God, what is this, Chris thought, fluctuating between fear and excitement, longing and desire.

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