About L.M. Connolly

Being brought up in a haunted house certainly leaves its mark! After she left home, L.M. had a number of adventures, but finally she settled down to writing, her first love. As Lynne Connolly she writes historical romance, and as L.M. Connolly she writes paranormal and contemporary romance. Lynne loves a happy ending, especially a well deserved one. She started writing in the historical romance genre, and she still loves writing stories about those characters. But she branched out into paranormal romance and discovered a new world of Talents-shape-shifters (ever wonder where all those dragons went? They never left!), vampires, Sorcerers (a race of people with very special gifts) and others, as well as humans, who are not underestimated. She writes contemporary romance, too, about people you might know, or know of. She makes and fills doll's houses, so she's all about the worlds of the imagination, and trying to make them real. She lives in the UK, but gets over to the US when she can, to visit friends and to attend conventions. If she could choose a city to live in, it would probably be Manchester or Paris. Or Florence. Or New York. Or Houston. Or Chicago. As long as they like cats, she's good.


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