Taking Command

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-573-9
Page Count: 118
Word Count: 26576
Rating: Mature

Dangerous missions, hidden enemies, an unexpected passion threaten to destroy them…

Tarik Baill is on a mission to keep a corrupt government from turning a new life form—one he created—into a weapon of war and destruction. Even if he is successful at getting past the guards, securing the ship, and taking command of BioOne, he’ll have to navigate a volatile and deadly region of space to rendezvous with his group. Taking a sexy brunette dressed in a skintight body suit as a hostage and dealing with an eager to please sex-bot was never part of his agenda. But for Tarik, nothing ever goes as planned.

Shon Monet’s assignment is to tour the ship and tout the accomplishments of a government that will reign in a new era of diplomacy. Then why the secrecy surrounding BioOne? In order to find out, she steals aboard the ship only to become an unwilling guest of a hijacking. Shon is determined to uncover the real story of BioOne and Tarik Baill. But how is she supposed to focus on the mission when, with the slightest touch, the sexy and dangerous pirate makes her shiver?


Miniature Rose (118 pages/26576 words)

Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-573-9


Trailing his fingers around, exploring her seductive curves, he cupped her ass. Need burned like acid in him. He wanted her, wanted to taste her, to fuck her, to take possession of her the same way he took possession of the ship.

However, she was angling for something. And whatever her motives, he wouldn’t deviate from his. Like this insane mission to gain BioOne, with Shon he’d come too far to turn back. He tightened his hold.

Shon was an unforeseen complication. He couldn’t trust her, didn’t know her, but he wanted to because he had to have her.

Tarik stood. “Hold her,” he commanded BioOne.

Shon molded to the wall, a force field trapping and keeping her immobile. “Tarik!” Panic laced her voice. “What are you doing?” Her eyes widened, stricken with fear as she fought the force holding her.

“Getting the truth. Why are you here?”

She trembled, her respiration erratic. “Why should I tell you when you expect what you don’t give in return? Don’t do this.”

“A minute ago, you were willing to fuck me to get information.” Now, she wanted his consideration.

“I would’ve fucked you because, for a moment, I thought we were in this together. I wouldn’t screw you for information.”

He heard the lie in her voice.

“We are in this together, but that doesn’t mean we’re fighting for the same side. Who sent you?” he demanded. “I want the truth?” He inhaled long and deep. “And if you had any doubt, I’d definitely fuck you for information.”

Her gaze narrowed as the glare in her eyes turned to loathing. “I’m not into bondage so get the booty-bot to fuck you like this. Let me go,” she seethed.

“Why would I fuck the booty-bot? I don’t need information from it. I know why it’s here. I want to know why you’re here.”

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