Snow & Her Huntsman

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-817-4
Page Count: 159
Word Count: 35082
Rating: Mature

This title contains explicit language, anal play, BDSM, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

Book Three of the Once Upon A Dom Series

Rylee Kincaid’s business is about to go under. Lucky for her, she’s found an investor. Ready to sign papers, she learns her knight in shining armor is Hunter Finnegan, the man who once gave her multiple orgasms then crushed her young, tender heart. Her world comes crashing down as it becomes clear the rich businessman intends a hostile takeover and to cast her out. Then he agrees to discuss a new deal, but only if Rylee will play Snow to his Huntsman at a BDSM fairy tale event.
Hunter has never forgotten the weekend of kinky sex he shared with Rylee in college. Unfortunately, he had to let her go to keep peace in his family. Now he's back to claim the only woman he’s ever loved. He'll stop at nothing to make the black-haired, fair-skinned beauty hear the truth of what happened so long ago, even if he has to tie her up. And that's exactly what he does. But as the Huntsman reawakens the submissive in Snow, Hunter isn't so sure he can do the same to Rylee's heart.


Rylee studied the card, appreciating the thick creamy-yellow parchment paper and the old-world look and feel of the lettering. A banner style logo stretched across the top. In the center, an embossed metallic blue castle gleamed, with the words The Kingdom of Dom done in a fancy, swirly script beneath.

You are hereby invited to Pleasure Manor for a weekend of pure pleasure.

“Pleasure Manor? Kingdom of Dom?” Her voice rose to a squeak.

A weekend of pure pleasure. God, a weekend with Hunter. Deep in her center, need throbbed.

She lifted her head, trying desperately not to think of sex with Hunter. “You’ve got to be joking,” she said to the man standing so close she breathed in his scent. A wave of warmth rolled off his broad shoulders, a blanket of sensuality that made her long to melt against him and feel his arms around her.

She wasn’t a small woman. Three-inch heels brought her height to a good five-ten, which made her feel equal to most men. But not Hunter. The man had to be at least six-four. She felt tiny and fragile standing near him.

His gaze bore into hers. “No joke. It’s a BDSM event, and if you attend, you’ll be my submissive. Read the rest.”

Rylee took a deep breath.

Event starts Thursday afternoon and ends Sunday.

Theme: Fairy Tales, The Stories Your Mother Never Read You.

Your Character: Snow.

Your Partner: The Huntsman.

Costumes will be provided.

Formal Ball Saturday evening.

Oh, my god! A weekend of wild sex with her golden dream god of a lover. Rylee’s knees shook. As much as she’d loved and adored her husband, sex between them had never come close to the explosive passion she’d shared with Hunter that wondrous weekend in college.

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