The Piano Tuner

ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0397-0
Page Count: 66
Word Count: 14040
Rating: Mature

Cursed centuries ago, maestro Brent Sullivan lives the life a wraith, confined to his music hall, unable to feel emotion or human touch unless the music plays. Only love can set him free. When a new pianist joins the orchestra, her playing sparks life into him and he sets out to seduce her.
Passionate about her music, Abigail Wallen is practicing for the concert of her career. But there's a difference in her playing lately that she can't explain. It's as if someone's touching her, a lover leading her into a world of sensuality and desire such as she's never known. Yet when her fingers still upon the keys, no one is there.
Passion rises with every note, the heat of desire is all-consuming, yet a sinister darkness looms in the hall, threatening to keep them apart.


Brent waltzed and whirled across the floor with Abigail. On a normal dance, he’d have music to sustain his feelings. Tonight, their synchronized heartbeats became their music. It was enough. The solid grip of her hand fused with his; the gossamer silk of her hair grazed his cheek.

She hummed, a light and crispy chromatic scale of notes. “You’re a really good dancer. Even without music.”

Her breath stung his cheek. Although barely perceptible, it was unusual. Startling. Encouraging.

“So are you,” he said.

They stopped dancing and stared into each other’s eyes. Brent coasted his mouth across her skin and flicked his tongue on her lips before joining his mouth with hers.

He tasted wine on her lips. His head swirled, as if he’d drank the whole bottle. How long had it been since he’d tasted without a melody? Touched? Felt?

Two hundred years.

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