Cursed By Chemistry

Published: 10/23/2015

ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0413-7
ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0412-0
Page Count: 270
Word Count: 62559
Rating: Mature

With her wedding date set and her fiancé eager to rehearse their wedding night, Shauna Tamson is on a search and destroy mission. All she's ever wanted is to be a wife and mother. All she’s got is a scorching-hot gift that leaves potential lovers a little on the crispy side. And then there's that rapidly depleting reproductive issue. She's desperate for a cure, and there's only one man who can fix her. But facing that stone wall of sex appeal would give a whole new meaning to explosive chemistry.

Cursed for an ancestor's mistake, magical Apothecary, Adrian Sands has been living a solitary life to avoid extending the curse to another generation. Well, there was that one temptation. But he'd ended up saving his mall-frolicking princess from date rape by casting a potion that left her with a chemical chastity belt. Turns out, it was a blessing in disguise. It deterred her most dangerous predator. Him. Now his hottest infatuation is back, more alluring than ever, and demanding a cure that could damn them both.

Either way, Shauna’s biological clock isn’t the only thing set to go off.


Scorching hot chemistry’s one thing; third degree burns are something else entirely…

Shauna ducked her head and tugged in a deep breath. She could do this. She’d been practicing for years. All those evenings spent seducing her own reflection, hoping that one day Adrian would see her.

But to tempt her body with someone like him?

Not like him. It was him. The flesh-and-bone infatuation to end all others.

Giving herself over to a lust that strong could put them both in danger. She looked up through a fringe of moist lashes. But would she ever get a chance again?

Starting in the corner of her mouth, Shauna used the point of her tongue to follow along the sharp bow of her upper lip. She continued her painstaking circular path to trace her mouth’s full outline.

Adrian’s lips parted as his attention followed her. A feral, hungry sound seemed to drag behind his breath.

Shauna’s gaze fled to the silent rise and fall of his winged tattoo. A persistent reminder of how far Adrian had traveled into the world of sex and a mysterious omen of where he was about to lead her. She stalled her approach and shifted her weight slowly from one foot to the other. What if she didn’t know enough to please him?

“Closer.” Adrian’s word ebbed with challenge.

Shauna’s eyes squeezed shut, and she stole the remaining distance between them before her body roped him off with more excuses.

She cracked an eye open. Adrian hadn’t moved. The most peculiar look of mirth formed in the sensual curve of his mouth. He dipped his head, mouth angling toward hers. The heat of his breath fanned her mouth just before he meshed his lips against hers.

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