An Enticing Ride

ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0158-7
Page Count: 44
Word Count: 9561
Rating: Mature

Single mom Abby Rose finally has a weekend alone. She should be out on the town but a snowy, cold, and a long day on her feet make a hot bath and a soft bed seem more inviting. Then sexy mechanic Zack Kelly texts with a tempting offer and suddenly her body is aching in a much different way. He stood her up once, but maybe it's time to show Zack exactly what he missed out on.


“Hi back,” he said with a wide, intense smile. He lifted one eyebrow in dramatic fashion as he questioned her introductory words. “You hate me, aye? Do you want to get out of here and talk about it?”

He didn’t need her to verbally confirm what she was thinking when she walked in tonight. He could see it on her face. And if he had misread her cues, the second and firmer wiggle pressing into his crotch underscored her not so discreet desires.

“I said there’s a fine line. A very fine line and right now you are walking it.” She leaned toward him and whispered in his left ear, using a strange and seductive voice, “I have a better idea. Let’s take your snowmobile for a ride. I’ve never been on one.”

Both eyebrows shot up in surprise. However, instead of getting the cue she had sent with the tone she used, he was stuck on the fact she had just revealed about her life. “How have you never been on a snowmobile? You grew up in the middle of a cornfield in farmer central for heaven’s sake. There’s a ton of riding you could have done. “

“Just never had the opportunity or the want for that matter, to go for a bumpy ride. Until now that is,” she replied with a cheek-raising grin, adding a few extra bats of her eyelashes for a dramatic and flirtatious effect.

Zack steadily looked her up and then, back down. “There is nothing I’d rather do, babe, than take you on a bumpy ride, but if I take you out on the snowmobile tonight, you are going to freeze dressed only in that.”

“I thought that’s what you’re for—to keep me warm, I mean.” She slid her hands inside the open vest he wore and circled her arms around him, pulling herself closer to his chest, and snuggling into him. “Please Zack. Take me for my first ride.”

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