Idol Urges

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-955-1
Page Count: 124
Word Count: 26854
Rating: Mature

Determined to graduate college and save her mother from poverty, Wendy Johnson commits to keeping her nose to the grindstone and her head out of the clouds. Unfortunately, the mysterious old woman who gave her a magic tiki idol has other plans. Every time Wendy touches the thing, her sexual frustration nearly implodes. She can't think straight. To complicate matters, the dark-haired, debonair Franco refuses to leave her alone. So what if he's gorgeous and has the perfect body?

Yet, with the help of the tiki treasure, Wendy discovers her desires for success are a perfect match for her Idol Urges.


This title contains explicit language and multiple partners (m/f/m/f)

Miniature Rose (126 pages/26854 words)

Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-955-1


With another glare at the idol, Wendy dropped it into her purse. As she returned to the bus stop, Wendy’s mind flashed with images of sweaty bodies, the first time she had an orgasm, and the one taboo movie she had snuck into. She shook her head, but the images remained. All her blood rushed from her head to between her legs, but her cheeks still burned.

She bolted back to the employee parking lot. “Franco!”

He was still there, propped against his car, his lean arms and chest covered by a tight black t-shirt. He talked with another kitchen worker, but she only saw his tall body, and all she thought of was what she wanted to do to it.

She stood breathless before him. The urges she had tamped down came bubbling up as she fought against the need to rip open the fly of his jeans.

“Hello, Wendy.” He smiled broadly.

“Franco, can you drive me to school?” She eyed the black El Camino. No back seat, but she’d figure something out.

“Of course. Sam, I’ll catch you later.” He held the door open for Wendy.

“Dude, I need a ride, too,” Sam protested.

“Not as badly as I do.” Wendy hurried into the car, slamming the passenger door.

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