Tripped Up

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-104-5
Page Count: 78
Word Count: 17274
Rating: Mature

Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex. She's perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models her partner photographs. But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won't be sated.


Garrett "Trip" Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of Team Arapahoe. Nothing ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission. All that changes the moment he first sees Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He's tripped up, falling hard, and experiencing feelings that make his head spin. For the first time, his duties as a SEAL seem an easier mission.



Rosette (80 pages/17274 words)

Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-104-5



“Do you need a separate parachute for your ego, or do you just wrap your arms tightly around its massive weight and hold on?” Where were these words coming from? Who opened her mouth and poured the words in? No way would she ever spout off like a mad woman to this hunk of perfection. What the hell was wrong with her? “I can’t believe you get away with using lines that corny on women.”

Never in a million years would she ever have enough courage to be herself with a guy like this. Hot men with eight-pack abs and faces perfect enough to make a sculptor cry did not stop to converse with her. Hell, the most she ever got was a mild once over before men’s gazes always turned to her prettier, slimmer, and less shy friends. Now this man with the crooked smile and easy grace actually stopped to play word games thick with sensual intent. With her. Talk about throwing a girl for a loop.

“Darlin’, if anything needs an extra chute it’s not my ego. Think a little further south.” The wink he sent her caused a pulse of pleasure to gather between her thighs. “And I never say things I don’t mean.”

“That’s both sick and pretty damn funny.” Karen couldn’t resist the smile tugging at her lips. The man did know his way around verbal foreplay, something she hadn’t known she enjoyed.

“Nothing sick about perfection of God’s design, or at least that’s what my dearly departed Southern Baptist grandmother would say. Besides, it’s not nice to laugh at a man when he’s trying to seduce you.”

Seduce her? What the hell? Had the man taken one too many hits as a test dummy? Did he need glasses? Did jetlag affect mental capabilities?

“I wonder if there’s a twelve step program for idiots? Maybe you can get a group discount for you and your ego?”

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