Your Last Embrace

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-315-5
Page Count: 56
Word Count: 12252
Rating: Mature

Across the boardroom table, they met as the children of bitter enemies, but not even the depth of that hate could put out the fires of their passion or turn them away from the lure of the flesh.

Aidan Doyle wants no part in the conflict between the two wealthiest families that was ripping apart the Martian colony he called home. His loyalty, hell, his body, belongs to one person alone—his woman, his enemy. Aidan’s instinct to dominate and protect Dion puts his own life at risk and, now in his darkest moment, he realizes the depth of his love and the danger of their lust.         

Trapped between her loyalty to her father and the scorching desire for a man born to her family's most hated enemy, Dion McLoughlin must face the harsh reality of her secret. A cruel twist of fate lands her lover in the hands of her father and trapped in their family compound. Surrounded by an army ready to kill Aidan at the first opportunity, Dion stands to lose everything for one last embrace.


This title contains explicit language and anal sex.

Rosette (56 pages/12252 words)

Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-315-5


“I love you,” he whispered.

The words warmed her heart but her naked flesh quickly chilled in the harsh light of reality—the talks. She jumped up from her place on the floor to gather each item of her discarded clothing.

Aidan remained seated on the floor, his legs stretched out while his arms reached behind to support his torso. His relaxed body appeared to glow from the perspiration still clinging to his flesh. His cock rested against his upper thigh.

He looked up at Dion as she sprang into action. “Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for, Dion.” From his position on the floor, his eyes were fixed on the exposed mound of her pussy.

She gathered her rumpled clothing to her chest but stopped to bend down and kiss his mouth. She pressed her lips against his until their tongues danced together and then she pulled back, resting her forehead on his. “You know exactly how I feel, Aidan. But we can’t be seen together.”

She darted out the door holding her clothing up to conceal her naked form. She looked both ways, then departed the room with haste.

He held a weak unconvincing smile as he felt his heart sink into a sudden state of loneliness. “Would have been nice to hear it.”

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