Sin City Alibi

ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0425-0
ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0424-3
Page Count: 324
Word Count: 84094
Rating: Mature

Sometimes what happens in Vegas follows you home.

Jumping libido-first into a cliché Vegas fling is the last thing on Dani Parker’s mind when she flies to Sin City for some R&R after her lover/boss, Elliott, dumps her. But an innocent night of flirty fun with a sexy hunk she knows only as Matt whirlwinds into a sinfully hot weekend. Back home, she discovers her boss has been murdered, her Vegas fling is heading the investigation into financial irregularities for the company she works for, and she's smack-dab in the middle of both.

Matt Collins has filled his life with work and no-strings sex since the day his heart went on lock-down. No woman ever cracked that lock. Until Dani. Now all he wants is her in his bed and in his life, but the odds for success are stacked against him. She can't accept his conditions for love, there's evidence suggesting she and her former lover embezzled from the company, and the cops arrest her for Elliott’s murder. His gut tells him she's innocent and he wasn't just an alibi, but his heart remembers the brutal past that still haunts him.

When everything Matt and Dani hold dear is on the line, they’ll learn that sometimes risking everything leads to the most satisfying payouts.


Her boss is dead. She was the last one to see him alive. Her only salvation is her Sin City Alibi…

She spun around at the sound of the elevator door banging open. His solid body was keeping it from closing.

“Hey,” he said. “Do you wanna go have some fun?”

Did he mean sex? Did all their teasing remarks about handcuffs and whips make him think she was ready, willing, able, and up for kink?

“Define fun,” she said, one eyebrow rising.

He grinned as if he could read her thoughts. “Nothing that fun. Dinner, drinks, maybe dancing if you don’t mind my two left feet. No strings, just company.”

Dani’s heart pounded—at his offer, at the decision before her. She could spend the night drowning her sorrows with some Hollywood hunk on pay-per-view or begin the healing process she sorely needed by spending a few fun hours in the company of a real-live hunk.

“Dinner and dancing? Hmm. It’s not the whip and handcuffs you promised earlier…” She stepped closer, and he moved back to let her in. “But deal me in.”

Laughing, he released the door. Like a freed bird it wasted no time, whipping its wings closed and flying them to their destiny.

“This is my first visit to Vegas so I don’t know the protocol,” she said. “Is this the point where we give each other our fake Vegas names?”

She hadn’t meant to infuse her words with a sexual subtext, but the heart-stopping, panty-soaking, lip-biting, sexy-as-sin smile he gave her told her he’d read it clearly.

He held out his hand. “I’m Matt.”

His low, sex-filled voice heated her face, but she didn’t avert her gaze as she slid her hand into his. The simple touch lit a fuse that led straight to the tinder box between her legs.

“Hi, Matt. I’m Dani.” Her body was already tingling with anticipation for the fun ahead.


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