Sweet Temptation

Page Count: 38
Word Count: 9000
Rating: Mature

(MSRP: 2.0000)


Ex-marine, Marcus Braddock’s protective instincts are stirred by Darcy Ferguson’s generous nature, but her luscious curves arouse an altogether different response. Capturing her for his own quickly becomes a primary objective, but before he can claim his prize, he must liberate the enticing beauty imprisoned behind a wall of insecurities.

Darcy is surrounded by physical perfection—the American standard versus the American ideal. When the ruggedly tempting Marcus Braddock breaches her defenses in a blatant frontal assault, she has no clue how to resist. Yielding could make her the butt of a practical joke, but his sensual blue eyes and tantalizing muscles promise such deliciously sweet surrender.

Before Marc, Darcy understood how the world worked, had been told repeatedly, “Fat girls do not eat sweets in public, do not flaunt their oversized breasts, and certainly do not attract gorgeous men.” Fortunately, no one ever explained the rules to Marc.

Book 1 of the Sweet Series


Rosette (40 pages)


“Quit changing the subject, Darcy.”

“I’m not. It’s just...you make me uncomfortable.”

He smiled. “Is that a bad thing?”


Marc scooped up another bite of cheesecake and held the loaded fork toward her. “Live dangerously.” When she hesitated, he brushed the rounded tines over her lips. “Come on, let the tart creaminess melt in your mouth. Let it slide down your throat. No one’s here but you and me.”

She couldn’t resist. The pretzel crust hit her tongue, crisp and salty, moments before the smooth filling spread across her taste buds in a burst of lime and subtle orange liquor. The tangy citrus, combined with his presence, had an aphrodisiac quality. “Mmm.” Her eyes closed of their own accord. Her nipples tightened. Sensual pleasure swirled in her stomach then swept downward.

He leaned closer. So close his warm breath tickled over her lips. “Another?”

Her eyes flew open. God! What kind of person practically had an orgasm over a bite of dessert? She shook her head no as he lifted the fork to her lips.

“Why not?”

“I don’t eat sweets.”

“That’s too bad. No one should deny themselves such a simple pleasure.” With a shrug, he slid the fork into his own mouth. A bit of whipped cream caught on his upper lip.

She didn’t think, only reacted to the growing need to touch him. Her thumb stroked over his mouth. His eyes widened as she wiped away the sweetened cream and sucked it off her thumb.

His tongue swiped across his lip.

Darcy wanted to drown in his natural sensuality. Her hands trembled. Heat raced across her skin. Geez, Darcy what were you thinking? How had she become a sexual puddle so fast? She stepped around him and fussed with the washcloth at the sink. “I can’t believe I did that.”

His chuckle sounded with the same warmth she had seen in his eyes. “Are you sure you got it all? Double check.”


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