Melting Ice

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-768-7
Page Count: 66
Word Count: 14347
Rating: Mature

Syndra Banks should be thrilled by an invitation to join SEAL team Arapahoe in Key West. Instead, the text Ice summoning her pisses her off. He calls and she goes running, without fail, every time. And now she doesn't have a choice. If Syn wants to get her personal life moving forward, she has to see him again to break it off.

Master Chief Sam Westervelt has lost his edge. Syn has melted the ice running through his veins, turning it into a river of molten lust. His discipline is shot and he's daydreaming about intense, steamy sex while on missions, putting his entire team at risk. But he has a surefire plan all figured out if he can just toe the line a little longer.

Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as reaching out, grabbing hold, and not letting go.


Rosette (66 pages/14373 words)

Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-768-7


ICE: Key West

As Syndra Banks read the brief text her body went haywire. Her pulse raced, chest grew tight, stomach flip-flopped and a wave of cold sweat raced from her head all the way down to her toes. But then Ice always had a profound physical and emotional effect on her.

First up was the inevitable rush of excitement, the thrill of knowing he was all right, had survived another dangerous mission, and wanted to see her. Then the anger and irritation set in. After not hearing from him for seven long months, he sent a text summoning her, assuming she’d drop everything and run to him. Then again, she always did.

She ached to do just that—see him, touch him, kiss him. Get naked with him.

He’d warned her from the beginning. Ice hadn’t sugar-coated anything. He’d been upfront, told her in that cold and concise way of his exactly what being with him meant, the sacrifices required. Very limited contact, little or no notice of when he’d be available to see her, no details of where he was or what he did.

“The only easy day was yesterday,” Ice had stated. The SEALs motto. “There’s nothing easy about loving a SEAL.”

Therein lay the problem. She’d done the most stupid thing imaginable, traveled straight down the road to heartbreak. Regardless of countless warnings issued by her head, Syn’s heart had gone and fallen ass-over-teakettle for a Navy frogman who went by the rather apropos call name of Ice. A sharpshooter who killed with cold precision.

And once again, Ice had managed to shoot her carefully orchestrated plans to hell, not with his rifle, but a few swift keystrokes.

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