Sweet Restraint

ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-241-5
Page Count: 178
Word Count: 48188
Rating: Mature

Savannah Jensen’s well-planned life offers everything a woman could want except a driving passion to override self-imposed rules. At twenty-nine, the clock isn’t screaming, but it has begun to tick loudly, so when a friend convinces her to attend a bridal blow-out sale, she’s not exactly excited about the reminder that she is alone, especially when a gorgeous man sweeps her into a sensual dance that threatens everything she has ever believed in.

Gavin Ferguson doesn’t believe love exists, but when he picks up the tuxedos for his sister’s wedding, fate, lust, and the family curse throw him a curve. Suddenly, he longs to convince the beautiful woman in ivory that she should be his—at least until he can sate the sexual fire she ignites. Yet, distrust born of disappointment and betrayal insists he protect his heart from the lie of perpetual happiness shining in her eyes.

Once Savannah and Gavin dance, raw desire, too hot to ignore, sweeps them toward insanity with nothing to cling to except sweet restraint.
Book 2 in the Sweet Series


This title contains: explicit language and anal sex.

Rosebud (180 pages/48182 words)

ISBN: 978-1-61217-241-5


Gavin chuckled as the girl scurried behind the curtain. He turned and surveyed the chaos in the main part of the store. Future brides, friends, and mothers ran about while frantic salespeople fought to keep up. Then he saw her, the most exquisite creature he had ever seen smiled from her reflected image. She stood before a three-way mirror with a much shorter blonde. Loose, ebony curls, muted by a gauzy sheer veil, brushed her shoulders and framed her oval face. Huge, wide-set eyes sparkled when she looked down at her friend. She flashed a Julia Robert’s style grin as something the other woman said made her laugh.

All the stories his family had told about knowing the perfect woman when he saw her filled his head. He didn’t need to hear her name or anything else. His heart knew without question. Nothing mattered beyond that. He started toward her before the wedding dress she wore registered.

Too late. She belonged to someone else. Still, he could not turn back to the counter. He had to see that smile directed his way, had to hear her speak at least once. He leaned a shoulder against the heavy white lacquered mirror and smiled at his dream. “Have you run the dance test yet?”

She started as he spoke, turning toward him in curious surprise. “Excuse me?”

Her short friend assessed him, but he ignored her, studying instead the breathtaking and unexpected sky blue of the beauty’s eyes. Her expressive gaze narrowed and a confused scowl erased her exquisite smile. Her voice sounded as lovely as he had expected, but he needed that grin back.

He stepped behind her, careful not to touch, while he studied the dress in the mirror. It outlined her tall, slender body in aching detail without losing class or grace. He could see her gliding down the aisle while some lucky bastard waited at the altar. “The dance test. Dancability is an essential element in selecting a wedding dress.”

Her smile and spirited sparkle returned. “Is it, huh? And how do I test for that?” You step into my arms and let me hold you. “First, you need shoes so the gown doesn’t drag.”

The short woman disappeared and reappeared almost instantly with a pair of cream-colored pumps. “How about these?”

Gavin dropped to his knee and held out a hand for the shoes. “Let’s see shall we?”

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