Sacrifice Of A Virgin

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-830-3
Page Count: 50
Word Count: 10795
Rating: Mature

Tethered to a post atop a mountain, sacrificial virgin awaiting The Dragon, Rena prays death will come swift and painless. Yet, death will not be her fate. The powerful and seductive shape-shifting creature has needs and desires beyond her imagination. For her freedom, she must fulfill his dark appetite while exploring her own wicked nature—one she's denied for years. The Dragon is a commanding lover, but he promises to show Rena just how wicked she can be.


“I was given to the dragon. Why have you interfered? Now my sisters will be chosen in my absence.” Rena struggled to her knees in the soft bed, despite her bonds, to plead in the direction from which the smooth, masculine voice came. “Please. I beg of you, take me back before it is too late.”

“Your sisters are quite safe.” The voice came from behind her again.

She had the distinct feeling of a mouse, trapped and toyed with before the cat struck. Panic rose in her throat. “You must take me back to the dragon.”

“I am the dragon. My name is Marcos.”

The truth washed over her, cold as a bucket of well water on a crisp morning. He was insane.

“You’re mad.” It slipped out before she thought better of angering the madman who held her fate. Rena tried to turn again, but fell forward in the plush bedding. She caught herself with her bound hands and sat back on her heels. She could do little to disguise the sob in her voice. “Take me back, I beg of you, before it is too late.”

“I’ll prove it, and then we will continue our conversation.” A dip in the bed tested her balance, and a rough hand pushed her blindfold up to her hairline.

Rena sucked in her breath.

He stood before her, one knee braced on the bed, naked. His thick cock relaxed against his thigh, and his bronze skin glowed in the firelight. Long black hair hung in waves around his shoulders and his ebony eyes bore into her.

She swallowed heavily at his magnificent, sculptured body, so close she could smell the spice of his skin. Heat and moisture gathered between her legs. She bit her lower lip and squeezed her thighs tight to quell the familiar desire to touch herself and relieve the building need.

Before she had a chance to challenge his sanity and demand he take her to back where he’d found her, his flesh shimmered and gave way to blue and green scales similar to those of a fish.

Rena blinked to make sure she was not still unconscious as his features twisted and elongated. He stretched his arms wide. The blue membranes that attached his arms to his body were so thin, she did not believe them capable of flight. A tail snaked up and over his shoulder from behind like a pet stealing a peek. Once the transformation was complete, a shimmering blue dragon stood before her.

Her heart raced, and her breath puffed in short panicked bursts. “But this is impossible.”

“Ah, so you say, and yet here I am.” The unnatural creature bowed, then reached out to trace the neckline of her shift with a single black talon. “You are afraid, but I can smell your excitement as well.”

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