Last Enchantment

ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0223-2
ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-0222-5
Page Count: 288
Word Count: 73962
Rating: Mature

An agent for CAT, the Central Agency for Talents, Tegan Gibbs was a powerful sorcerer until she was attacked and her virginity stolen along with her powers. Now she’s a normal human being with a thirst for revenge. To discover and capture her attackers, she must work with the Earl of Derrington, the only man to ever stir the desires she so carefully kept tucked away. But he’s an ancient vampire, and while once his equal, she now has nothing. Or so she thinks.

Oliver Derrington aches to bring Tegan back to life and into his bed. What starts as a rescue quickly turns into a passionate affair. They set fire to the night, but with the differences between them, Oliver fears his time with Tegan is limited. Yet, he’ll fight to protect her—and to keep her.

Danger threatens from an unexpected quarter, and if they don’t stop those responsible for stealing power from other Talents, they won’t have a future—together or apart.


Falling in love with a vampire was never part of the mission...

They drew up outside his house. He lived in the place he’d bought many years ago, after his father sold the London mansion he’d used when the fashions changed and people preferred to live less ostentatiously. But that was a matter of perspective, he knew that. This house was worth millions and plenty ostentatious for him. But it was home. Curious to see how she took it, he watched her rather than the people already gathering around the car. They pressed camera lenses up against the windows, the dull sounds interrupting their peace.



Unable to resist anymore, he hauled her across the seat and set his mouth to hers.

She tasted exactly as he’d imagined—sweet with a touch of tartness, her mouth slick with strawberry lip-gloss. Her mouth opened beneath his, but he didn’t take advantage and maraud as he wanted to do. This woman, more than any other he’d ever kissed, needed gentle treatment. The kiss was necessary, he told himself, to soften her a little, to make her more lover-like. But that wasn’t what he was doing now.

He released her hand to cradle her face, her cheeks soft under his palms. She touched his arms, and he froze, waiting for her to push him away, but she took hold of his forearms and tugged him closer. Triumph, far exceeding that small gesture, surged through him, and he had to force himself to finish the kiss, ending it with a soft touch of his lips against her own. “You taste good.” Even to his own ears, his voice sounded harsh.

“So do you.” Her eyes wide, she stared at him.

Someone had to move, so he did, drawing away, releasing her face. She stayed, her hands still grasping his forearms, and he broke the growing tension with a smile. “I don’t know if they got that, but you have to know that wasn’t why I did it. The kiss outside the restaurant was for them. This one was for you. But remember my promise.”

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